The History and Politics of Black Radio

National Public Radio (NPR) hosted a historic but never-to-be-aired panel on the history, politics and contemporary state of Black radio. Panelists included the late Teshima Walker, Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs […]


The Super Funky Soul Power Hour 082313

This week’s show featured interviews with Ajamu Baraka, Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Dawn-Elissa Fischer and Rosa Clemente.  Topics included: the coming March/Farce on Washington, The 2004 National Hip-Hop Political Convention and Hip-Hop’s […]


The Super Funky Soul Power Hour! 081613

This week’s edition of The Super Funky Soul Power Hour featured our interviews with Dr. Tukufu Zuberi and Richard Prince and then a bit of a tribute to Marcus Garvey […]


Fruitvale Station is Sadly Fruitless

It was a movie worth making and a movie filled with stirring performances, but a tremendous absence of context blended with an apparent need to appease White audiences leaves Fruitvale Station largely […]


Harry Belafonte and Jay-Z: Political or Generational Beef?

Preceding our recent discussion about about the new movie about Oscar Grant, Fruitvale Station, we spoke with Rahiel Tesfamariam of the Washington Post and Dr. Lester Spence of Johns Hopkins University about the recent exchange between Harry […]


Black August (2013) w Kali Akuno

We continued our tribute to the tradition of Black August this week by airing am important commentary on the subject by Mumia Abu-Jamal,* then hearing from veteran organizer with the […]