Mic Crenshaw on Hip-Hop, The March On Washington and Activism

Mic Crenshaw joined us to talk the state of hip-hop, the March on Washington and activism.


Rosa Clemente on Hip-Hop, Obama And Politics

Rosa Clemente joined us to talk the March on Washington, Barack Obama and what’s good in hip-hop.


Skipp Coon Talks Hip-Hop, Obama and Generational Struggles

Skipp Coon joined us to discuss hip-hop, politics, the march on washington and Chokwe Lumumba’s successful campaign for mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.


Africana Womanism, Kemet and the Fallibility of Feminism

During this week’s 28th annual Kemetic Studies Conference of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC) a panel was convened on the continuing relevance of Kemetic Womanhood.  Dr. Valethia Watkins presented a paper on “Reconceptualizing the Gender of Africana Women,” in which she criticized the Eurocentrism of “Feminism” and referred to Susan B. Anthony as “the Sarah Palin of her day.”  Yaa Ashantewaa Archer-Ngidi presented on “Womancentricism – Restoring Ancient Principles” and Dr. W. Joye Hardiman gave a talk titled “From Ancient Kemet to ASCAC: Sistas Holding up their Part of the Sky…”

**  The conference was held at Howard Unviersity’s Blackburn Center during the weekend of March 18-20, 2011.


Meeting the Enemy: Indigenous Nations and American Exceptionalism

Law professor Natsu Taylor Saito joined us this week for a discussion of her latest book: Meeting the Enemy: American Exceptionalism and International Law.   We discussed the history of U.S. exceptionalism regarding international law and in particular the ways White supremacy and Manifest Destiny meant for colonizing settlers a divine sense of dominion over the people, land and ideas that govern the world.*

*September 2, 2011

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