Dr. Brian Sims joined us to discuss his “structured dialogue” Fight Club and the D.O.P.E. (Dialogue On Progressive Enlightenment) Conference.

“With the understanding that most college/university curricula train students on how to be assets to society, Fight Club operates from the premise that dominant European society itself is inherently corrupt. Therefore, society—and its attachment to a racist, sexist, patriarchal political economy that debases humans into commodities—must be purposely interrogated and radically challenged to prevent students from unwittingly becoming agents of their own oppression. Fight Club is a free space that promotes and augments this subversive activity through its intense focus on progressive dialogue and radical argumentation.” – Drs.  Brian Carey Sims and Lumas J. Helaire / Structured Dialogue in the Black College Classroom

Scenes from the inaugural Fight Club at Morgan State University (9/25/13)

20130925_203525 20130925_183320 20130925_175656 20130925_185737


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