The iMiXWHATiLiKE Dr. King Collection


Here is our collection of commentaries, video presentations and mixes (shout out to DJ Sese) on the Dr. King we are encouraged not to know.

Dr. MLK Jr.: Struggling Not To Lose Him from BB Digital on Vimeo.



August 23, 2013


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. v. Barack Obama



April 4, 2013


Dr. King Commemorated: COINTELPRO and the 45th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. King



January 18, 2013


I Have a Dream vs. I Have a Drone: Dr. King v. Barack Obama w Margaret Kimberley



March 1, 2012


Dr. Jared A. Ball at SUNY New Paltz: The R.E.A.L. Martin Luther King Jr.



October 18, 2011


Memorials and Spectacles: The Anti-Dr. King Monument



January 18, 2011


Dr. King v. The Mainstream Press



January 17, 2011


The Revolutionary Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



December 30, 2010


Sponsorship Matters! Of Name Drops and Memorials: Dr. King Gets Love from Hip-Hop


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