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BaKongo Concepts of Health: A Tribute to Tata K.K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau by w Dr. Mark Bolden

In this fascinating presentation from D.O.P.E. 2014 Dr. Mark Bolden honors Tata K.K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau with a wide-ranging and powerful look at African perspectives on health, hip-hop and community. Kotuswa mu Bukulu: The ancestralization of Tata Kimbandwe Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau* by Mark A. Bolden, Ph.D. Washington DC Metro Chapter ABPsi The Fanon Project Trinity Washington University […]

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In the Lab(tekwon): The Use of Skill in Hip-Hop

A few weeks ago I raised the question on Twitter with 9th Wonder asking whether or not a song that titles itself about a historical figure but contains zero content about that person should be called an “ode.” I thought the song “Betty Shabazz” produced by 9th and performed by Rapsody was dope but just […]


We Remember and Honor Chokwe Lumumba

We pay tribute to the late Chokwe Lumumba by reposting this classic speech of his from African Liberation Day in Washington, DC 2008.        


The “Black Messiah:” The Life and Assassination of Malcolm X

THE “BLACK MESSIAH” THE LIFE AND ASSASSINATION OF MALCOLM X WHO KILLED HIM AND WHY? A POLITICAL AND HISTORICAL FORUM ON THE 49TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS DEATH FEBRUARY 21, 2014 Participants include:  JARED BALL, PHD, editor of A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X; BABA ZAK KONDO, PHD, author of Conspiracys: Unraveling the Assassination […]


Hip-Hop Against the World!

Hip-Hop is no different than any other cultural expression in that when not organized, “nationalized,” or conscious of its particular use at any given moment, it too can become an extension of an imperial arm. Back on January 15, 2012 a panel was convened to discuss the film Hip-Hop: Furious Rhymes of Change a documentary […]


The Ever Enduring Myth of Black “Buying Power” (2014)

Update: February 14, 2014 Today’s “What buying power buys African-Americans,” from Marketplace also included me. However, there just is not enough time given here to address the concerns raised or to more appropriately respond to claims/points made. This was the first I heard those claims/points but they speak to existing and severe differences in concepts […]


Dr. Anthony Monteiro Speaks! Academic Freedom, Black Liberation and Confronting Power

Dr. Anthony Monteiro joined us to discuss his current fight against his removal from Temple University.  Beyond his own struggle Monteiro explains how his forced removal relates to broader struggles of Black liberation, academic freedom and confrontations with power. To learn more and offer your support visit the Justice for Dr. Anthony Monteiro Facebook Page.


Samuel Yette and The Choice: Black Survival in the United States

  *Originally published as a radio commentary 1/25/11   Samuel Yette died last week and the choice he wrote of, a choice long ago reached by this country, is a choice we’ve still not caught up to. It is a choice of this nation to more or less discard an increasingly unnecessary Black population and […]


Defying the Tomb, Defying Illogic

Defying the Tomb, Defying Illogic Jared A. Ball *Originally published as a radio column 09/20/2011 Earlier this year when we received word of an attempt by Maryland prison officials to ban the recently published book by former Black Panther Party leader and current political prisoner Marshall “Eddie” Conway, we were reminded of the immediacy of […]


Malcolm, Martin and Mass Media

Over the years I’ve developed versions of this presentation and have been asked for copies.  I just started messing with Prezi and put the latest version there.  These are visuals that accompany a discussion of Malcolm X and King‘s actual radical politics and the response of the state and mass media.  Here The Washington Post […]


Amiri Baraka, Black Literature and the Prospect of Radical Thought

Drs. Todd Steven Burroughs and Hate, The Killer Bs squad were on hand to report back on Amiri Baraka‘s funeral service, Black literature and the prospects for radical thought and organization moving forward.  We discussed Baraka and Burroughs’ “Backed Up Book Reviews” of MK Asante, Randall Kennedy, Geoff Wisner and Devorah Heitner. See also: – […]


What the Corporate Media Won’t Tell You about MLK


South Africa and Social Death Beyond Mandela with Frank Wilderson

  Dr. Frank Wilderson joined us again to discuss South Africa beyond Mandela, Afro-pessimism, Anti-Blackness, Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Winnie Mandela and more.  We talked also about armed struggle, political compromise and suppressed concepts and histories related to South Africa and the world.  For our earlier conversations with Dr. Wilderson please visit our archive here […]


When Revelations Really Aren’t That Revelatory: Dr. King and Human Rights Struggle

  The following was initially prepared for what was ultimately a press release from the Institute for Public Accuracy (see below).  And let’s not forget the 1999 trial, Coretta Scott King, et al.  v. Loyd Jowers, where a jury found that the U.S. government had indeed been involved in the assassination of Dr. King.  The […]


Whoops! A Few Late Corrections To I Mix What I Like! A Mixtape Manifesto

Since the publication of my mixtape manifesto there have been a few editorial mistakes that have plagued me.  Well, a few months ago word came from the publisher of a small reprint (thanks again everyone for your support!) and a chance for me to make some corrections.  For those interested they are below.  I do […]


Malkia Cyril On Net Neutrality

As we have previously argued the Internet is already not the democratizing mass medium many think it to be. But what is coming behind a recent court ruling allowing telecommunications companies to increasingly police internet use will make what currently exists look like pure liberation. Malkia Cyril of the Center for Media Justice joined us […]


What’s Next for Post-Mandela Azania? An Interview with Economic Freedom Fighters’ Andile Mngxitama

Andile Mngxitama of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Azania (“occupied South Africa”) joined us to discuss among other topics: the passing of Tata Nelson Mandela, the film Mandela, what’s next for the youth and African revolution in Azania and the coming 20th anniversary of the official “end” of apartheid. Hear here our previous interview with […]


Our Classic Debate with Amiri Baraka

On October 8, 2008 Amiri Baraka joined us on my then radio show for a rousing debate around his support of Barack Obama.  The conversation also included long-time activist and close friend of Baraka Tom Porter and Rosa Clemente the then vice-presidential running mate of Cynthia McKinney nominees of the Green Party. And from Harlem […]


“The Most Visible Mulattoes”: Drake and Obama Match Hip-Hop and Politics

*Originally published September 8, 2010 Lorraine Hansberry once cautioned against an artist seeking to ignore the specific nature of their racial categorization, history and experience.  Her point was that to dismiss that particularity with the narrow, anecdotal tale of one’s own success was to damage the potential to interpret the reality of a broader community.  To separate the […]


Hafrocentric w Juliana “Jewels” Smith

Juliana “Jewels” Smith joined us to discuss her brilliant comic book Hafrocentric. And here is our earlier interview with Dr. Jared Sexton.


Is Africom a AfriCON? Dr. Jared Ball on the Recolonization Agenda in Africa

Published on Oct 20, 2012


IMiXWhatiLike’s Dr. King Collection

Here is our collection of commentaries, video presentations and mixes (shout out to DJ Sese) on the Dr. King we are encouraged not to know.   Dr. MLK Jr.: Struggling Not To Lose Him from BB Digital on Vimeo.     August 23, 2013   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. v. Barack Obama     […]


Hip-Hop, Prisons and Mass Media: The Evil Triplets of Corporate Ownership

Homeboy Sandman joined us May 17, 2013 for a discussion of his recent article on the corporate ties that bind private prisons and popular rap music.


Dr. Frank B. Wilderson on Chris Hani and African Liberation

    Drs. Frank Wilderson and Todd Burroughs joined us this week to commemorate Chris Hani. Hani, South Africa’s most popular leader, was assassinated April 10, 1993. Centering Hani imposes the very questions most fear regarding the direction of South Africa since his death and the current state of what is an international human rights […]


CASSETTE: The Documentary!

From the website: Cassette started in late 2011 as a Kickstarter campaign, during which time we were fortunate enough to meet our funding goal of $25,000, thanks of course to our wonderful and generous backers. Since then, we’ve been interviewing musicians, collectors, record labels, authors, and historians about the cassette. Scheduled for completion in late 2013, Cassette […]

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Christianity Before Christ: A Classic Lecture from John G. Jackson

This is a classic lecture from John G. Jackson about his work Christianity Before Christ.


The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ with Dr. Charles Finch

How and why did Heru become Jesus and Aset become Mary?  How is John Coltrane’s “Sheets of Sound” an extension of ancient African wisdom, specifically spiritual mathematics played out through music?  All this and more as Dr. Charles Finch joined this week’s Jazz and Justice.* * Originally aired December 31, 2008 Segments from Brother Tehuti come from […]


Declaration of Rights for Black Radio

DECLARATION OF RIGHTS FOR BLACK RADIO On Thursday December 19, 2013 we held “A Gathering of Warriors” organized by The Committee to Save Public Broadcasting (CMS), The United Black Community and The Listening Group. The event celebrated and honored the work of former WPFW 89.3 FM (Pacifica Radio, Washington, D.C.) programmers and staff including Jared […]


A Gathering of Warriors: The Struggle for WPFW and Radical Radio

These are some of the sounds of the recently held gathering to commemorate those purged from WPFW/Pacifica Radio. In this redux audio collage you’ll hear a freestyle from Kasba, soul sounds from Ka’ba and strong words from Tom Porter and other members of the community. This was just a sample of what occurred, special shout […]


Pambazuka News And Media Coverage Of The African World With Dr. Ama Biney

Dr. Ama Biney Editor-In-Chief of Pambazuka News joined us for a discussion of that news outlet, their history, purpose and, in particular, their coverage last month of Kwame Ture.  We also talked some about the state of news media and the Western press as they relate to the African world.


Murdering Fred Hampton and Black Power with Bruce Dixon and Todd Steven Burroughs

Coming on the heels of the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Fred Hampton (December 4, 1969) and the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party Bruce Dixon of BlackAgendaReport.com and Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs of DrumsInTheGlobalVillage.com were on hand for a discussion of the academic erasure of […]


A Special Going Home Tribute to K. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau

Drs. Mark Bolden and Kenneth B. Nunn joined us recently to pay special tribute to the late K. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau.  Fu-Kiau, B.A., M.Ed., M.S. and Ph.D., is an indigenous African teacher, scholar, lecturer, healer and spiritual guide. He is the author of many books including “Simbi-Simbi: Hold Up That Which Holds You Up” (2006), […]

Nelson Mandela is Released

Telling the Truth About Nelson Mandela with Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley of Freedom Rider and BlackAgendaReport.com and joined us to discuss her recent essay, “Telling the Truth About Nelson Mandela.” We briefly discussed what Mandela is often remembered for rather than what he might be better remembered for having done and sparked.


Movin’ On From WPFW/Pacifica Radio

CLICK HERE TO HEAR SOUNDS FROM THE EVENT ORGANIZED IN RESPONSE TO THIS AND OTHER FORCED REMOVALS FROM WPFW.   “I’m never surprised when I’m asked to leave.  I’m only surprised by how long I’m allowed to stay.”  - Tom Porter   Greetings good people, Today i was told by Michelle Price, General Manager of […]


The Super Funky Soul Power Hour for December 6, 2013

On this week’s edition of The Super Funky Soul Power Hour we paid quick tribute to Nelson Mandela, asked whether or not this show should remain on WPFW 89.3 FM, talked with Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs about The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross PBS documentary, spoke with Ericka Blount Danois and Mums about Kanye […]


Learning From Kanye West: Live From Channel Zero with Ericka Blount Danois ft. Mums

This edition of Live From Channel Zero with Ericka Blount Danois featured our discussion with special guest Mums about Kanye West’s recent struggles with the limitations of his celebrity. Where we agreed is that media have largely focused on West’s behavior and not the more important points he raised about race, class and popularity. *There […]

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