Years ago I wrote about the Black Agents of Stealth History. Those accounts and analysis of revolutionary movements written by former Government snitches, Police agents, and assorted "Professors of Black History" who matriculated from Dashiki wearing sexist narrow cultural nationalists during the sixties when all hands were needed at the armed front against Police terrorism and white supremacist violence.


Hip-Hop Against the World!

Hip-Hop is no different than any other cultural expression in that when not organized, “nationalized,” or conscious of its particular use at any given moment, it too can become an […]


The Myth of Black (All) “Buying Power”

These are collected attempts to disrupt the wide-spread mythology of Black (and by extension all others) “buying power.” Beginning with the posts below (working bottom up) i’ve over time looked […]


Defying the Tomb, Defying Illogic

Defying the Tomb, Defying Illogic Jared A. Ball *Originally published as a radio column 09/20/2011 Earlier this year when we received word of an attempt by Maryland prison officials to […]


Fruitvale Station is Sadly Fruitless

It was a movie worth making and a movie filled with stirring performances, but a tremendous absence of context blended with an apparent need to appease White audiences leaves Fruitvale Station largely […]


What’s Not to Hate?

Recently I was asked to submit 4-700 words to The Progressive on Adam Levine’s “I hate this country” remark.  To see the edited version of those comments you can check their website.  For the unedited […]


Defying the Tomb, Defying Illogic

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson’s book has some calling him “this generation’s George Jackson,” the Black Panther and “Soledad Brother” assassinated in prison in 1971. Johnson, like Jackson, became a revolutionary behind […]


Mass Media and African Sovereignty

Mass Media and African Sovereignty Jared Ball It is always appropriate for a people to question the status of their sovereignty.  It seems especially timely during the month of August, […]


Porn and Mail: New Media, Same Old Sh!t

It may be an emerging technology but the internet isn’t changing a thing. I don’t mean literally of course. The internet is changing the primary format of communication and it […]


NPR and Payola

In I MiX What I Like! there is an attempt made to expand the context in which we see or interpret National Public Radio (NPR) and the issue of payola […]


COINTELPRO 101: A Review

COINTELPRO 101, the latest film release from The Freedom Archives, is nothing like the all-too-common soft, liberal documentary which tells of worse and distant horrors so as to lessen the […]


The Evangelists of Social Media

The “evangelists of social media,” according to Malcolm Gladwell, want us to believe that the revolution we all want has simply been awaiting Twitter or Facebook accounts. And having now achieved […]



Nomzamo! This paper was originally written in 1999. Nomzamo, “Trial,” the Xhosa name of the woman now known worldwide as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is as appropriate a name as has ever […]