From South Africa to the United States: The Continuity of Black Consciousness Movements

Jared Ball hosts legendary emcee and producer Shaheen Ariedien and Dr. Rico Chapman to discuss the histories, similarities and mutual impact of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and the Black Power Movement here in the United States.

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South Africa and Social Death Beyond Mandela with Frank Wilderson

Dr. Frank Wilderson joined us again to discuss South Africa beyond Mandela, Afro-pessimism, Anti-Blackness, Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Winnie Mandela and more.  We talked also about armed struggle, political compromise and suppressed concepts and histories related to South Africa and the world.  For our earlier conversations with Dr. Wilderson please visit our archive here at IMixWhatILike.org.


What's Next for Post-Mandela Azania? An Interview with Economic Freedom Fighters' Andile Mngxitama

Andile Mngxitama of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Azania (“occupied South Africa”) joined us to discuss among other topics: the passing of Tata Nelson Mandela, the film Mandela, what’s next for the youth and African revolution in Azania and the coming 20th anniversary of the official “end” of apartheid.

Hear here our previous interview with on the legacy of Steve Bantu Biko.

Nelson Mandela is Released

Telling the Truth About Nelson Mandela with Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley of Freedom Rider and BlackAgendaReport.com and joined us to discuss her recent essay, “Telling the Truth About Nelson Mandela.” We briefly discussed what Mandela is often remembered for rather than what he might be better remembered for having done and sparked.


The Super Funky Soul Power Hour for December 6, 2013

On this week’s edition of The Super Funky Soul Power Hour we paid quick tribute to Nelson Mandela, asked whether or not this show should remain on WPFW 89.3 FM, talked with Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs about The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross PBS documentary, spoke with Ericka Blount Danois and Mums about Kanye West and Gilad Atzmon about Zionism and Jewish Identity Politics.


Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid

Alan Wieder joined us to discuss his new book, Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War against Apartheid. Wieder is an oral historian who lives in Portland, Oregon. He is distinguished professor emeritus at the University of South Carolina and has also taught at the University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University in South Africa. In the last ten years he has published two books and numerous articles on South Africans who fought against the apartheid regime.


"Sophisticated Slavery:" Andile Mngxitama & The Legacy Of Steve Biko

This week marks the 36th anniversary of the assassination of Steve Biko (September 12, 1977). Journalist and Black Consciousness advocate Andile Mngxitama joined us from “Occupied Azania” to discuss his work on the legacy and continued relevance of the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) Steve Biko. Mngxitama discussed the history of Biko and the BCM, as well as, Biko’s relationship to the Black Power Movement here in the U.S. and the continued attempt by liberal academics, politicians and popular culture to co-opt this and other revolutionary movements.


Dr. Frank Wilderson on Nelson Mandela, South Africa and Afro-Pessimism

This edition of The Killer Bs IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG podcast features our discussion today with Dr. Frank B. Wilderson, author, scholar, and former member of the African National Congress and Umkhonto we Sizwe.

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GENERIC CAPTION: Frank B. Wilderson, III, talks about his book and his double life revolving around political, social and racial issues as he has traversed his life.

Incognegro: A Memoir of Exile and Apartheid w author Frank Wilderson

GENERIC CAPTION: Frank B. Wilderson, III, talks about his book and his double life revolving around political, social and racial issues as he has traversed his life.

GENERIC CAPTION: Frank B. Wilderson, III, talks about his book and his double life revolving around political, social and racial issues as he has traversed his life.

“In South Africa, Mandela once called the author, one of the few African-Americans to help lead the ANC, ‘a threat to national security’—in short, a terrorist. Wilderson was named such because he and his colleagues continued to clandestinely push for socialism by any means necessary while Mandela had embraced the military-corporate establishment and the idea of peace and reconciliation—the latter the author dismisses as “anger management for Blacks.” — From the review written by our co-host this afternoon Dr. Todd S. Burroughs. We were joined by the author, Dr. Frank Wilderson, III, for a discussion of South African history, politics and the pan-African reality of just “how impossible it is to live as a Black person in the world.”

February 9, 2009*

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