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Fight Club Radio: Should The Super Funky Soul Power Hour Survive 2014?

Fight Club Radio returns with another fight! “Should The Super Funky Soul Power Hour Survive 2014 on WPFW 89.3 FM Washington, DC?” Listen in, then weigh in with your thoughts at!


  1. I think what JR is doing is interesting and worthy of support. I think we all need more discussion and organization around developing media/political alternatives, etc. This seems as good as anything being done.

  2. Good people, many thanks. Let me just be clear, the question is only about whether or not TSFSPH stays on WPFW. We will continue to produce audio (at least) for the website here so those who don’t hear the show live on WPFW will still be able to get our content whenever they like.

  3. I personally like your show some gripes aside, however your platform isn’t really as broad base as you think. The lack of support could come from many things, some I’d name is the economy, escapist mentality, political ignorance and ignorance in general. Last thing I’d mention is the show doesn’t market its own importance or illustrate why it’s important to have these spaces well enough to more uninitiated audiences. Intelligent conversation isn’t as base as the Uncle Tom Joyner show but I’m sure you’ll find your space. As for WPFW you’ve been there long enough from what you said to see where it’s going and that your outnumbered.

  4. I catch the show via I came across it when I googled one of your comrades. As a matter of fact, I enjoy and prefer your website because I can’t always catch it on the a.m. radio station. And let’s be honest, a.m. radio stations are filled to the brim with a plethora of mundane, humdrum broadcasts that aren’t interesting or relevant to most folks’ lifestyles. Therefore, many folks will not tune in to a.m. channels; they go for f.m. channels. But, for me, your show is on point and is my cup of tea. Plus, I prefer the website because there is a lot of extra content posted that is informative and interesting as well. I’m sure that if your radio show ceases to exist, there will definitely be a void because many people will possibly miss out on how deeply rich and impactful the show really is. Without a doubt, what you have to offer is necessary. I want to suggest that you stay there and fight the power; I want you to fight the good fight because that’s what it’s all about,right? But, if there are more cons than pros when considering whether or not to continue broadcasting from this particular station with all of its deficiencies and flagrant mismanagement, wouldn’t it be more practical and less troublesome to focus all of your energy and attention on promoting a solid platform that will allow more freedom and control to spread the good word and enlighten the masses? In my opinion, I believe that the internet is a far more sophisticated and progressive way to do just that. Radio or internet, I want you to keep doing what you’re doing. I would be lost without Not so much without WPFW.

  5. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here in Chicago, I never catch your show live. I download your shows and listen to them often. How did I find you in the first place? Oh! it was through my ‘net searches for Frantz Fanon and the media’s negative images of African Americans. Your deconstructions blew me away. Your disentangling of Sports/Hip-hop co-optation/Capitalism at Cuny/Rusty ShackleStein/MLK/Radical Ma’at/George Jackson and the way you obliterated McChesney’s weak constructions in Miami were all SuperFood for the soul. Just to name a few.

    I almost want to come to Morgan State to study for my Graduate Degree under your tutelage. Harvard’s graduate program ask, “which one of our professors your potential research mirror?”


    It’s free. Then again, I will be stuck researching under colonized-minded dead-souls. Capitalism in Academia.

  6. 1) Your show is far and away one of the dopest and most important shows, ever. My schedule typically prevents me from listening during your ‘live’ hour on wpfw, but I’m definitely one of those dedicated soundcloud followers and sharers. Admittedly, I’m sure I can do more the support your work. So whatever capacity the show exists in, I’m more than down for assisting in any relevant capacity (including marketing) to build and facilitate the vision.

    I actually love the format of your show; it serves as a great conversation starter with the students I work with, and the hour length is more than engaging enough.

    2) Dr. Hate is absolutely correct per usual. You gotta stay on the air and folks that say they support your work have to substantively and consistently demonstrate that.

    3) What impact do you want the show to have? What are some things you feel that the show needs to grow? How, in addition to financial and social support, can folks really assist?
    What would an exclusively online-based platform look like to you? Would it act as a standalone media portal or incorporated more prominently into I know we’ve spoken from time to time about the whole African media-coalition framework… Perhaps now would be a good time to revisit that conversation in a real way? I’d be willing to lend my web-design acumen towards that endeavor.

    Just some thoughts & questions.

  7. I am very ambivalent about whether you stay on with WPFW but I definitely agree with Dr. Hate in that I would never invest in the radio station but it would have nothing to do with being a vote on your how I like your show. I have never heard such a message as your show brings being broadcasted on air and find that such a space existing both novel and the culmination of the best scholarship our ancestors have provided thus far. If you went to a more likeable station, or did your own thing, I would gladly give you my little pocket change. A Black radio station is necessary in the grand scheme of things in my opinion. However, I do not think that you should leave willingly, it is more fun to be kicked out kicking and screaming. I’m sure when the station reaches a white and liberal critical mass, you will be given the boot just like they did when they cut your show on that day, so why do so before then? I guess I am a more spiteful person and would stay just because A) the leadership doesn’t like my style and B) I am still providing a valuable service that they cannot deny.

    Regardless on how you decide, if you continue in some shape or form, I will be listening. I also think that sometimes your hour long show is a bit constricting and doesn’t give itself well to deeper conversation or to debate. I do know that of the people that I have shown this website to or have listen to the audio, none have walked away unsatisfied.


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