The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ with Dr. Charles Finch

How and why did Heru become Jesus and Aset become Mary?  How is John Coltrane’sSheets of Sound” an extension of ancient African wisdom, specifically spiritual mathematics played out through music?  All this and more as Dr. Charles Finch joined this week’s Jazz and Justice.*

* Originally aired December 31, 2008

Segments from Brother Tehuti come from his 2006 classroom visit:


  1. What People Should Know [but too often don’t] About the Historical Yeshua [aka Jesus]

    His name was NOT Jesus Christ – but Yeshua Ben Yosafe [the Natzorean]. Yeshua’s apostles also had Hebrew names IE: Simeon bar Levi [aka St Peter], Yokhanon [aka St John], Yaakov [aka James Brother of Yeshua], etc

    He was NOT a Euro-Christian- Meaning Yeshua was Neither European [IE: he was NOT white w blonde hair & blue eyes] NOR a Christian – but in fact an Afro-Asiatic Judean Israelite.
    Until circa 1500 ACE, w Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Yeshua & his mother were often depicted as persons w brown &/or dark-skin.
    His ministry was in the ‘Old Testament’ Prophetic Tradition – His mission was NOT to establish a new religion called Christianity – thus he did NOT teach that New Testament ‘grace’ supersedes Old Testament Law.

    His father Yosafe’s heritage was of the Royal Davidic lineage, & his mother Miriam’s heritage was of the Levitical / Priestly line. Thus it’s written that Yeshua’s ministry was after the order of Meliki-tsadek [= King of Righteousness], who was the first known Hi-Priest in the Bible & King of {Jeru}Salem, & who blessed the Biblical Patriarch Abraham.

    The historical Yeshua was almost certainly NOT born of Dec 25th. In fact his exact date of birth [or even yr of birth] is unknown.

    Besides Yaakov [aka James], Yeshua had several other brothers [Yosay {Joses}, Simeon & Yehuda {Judah] & several sisters.
    Yeshua was most likely married to Miriam of Magdala [aka Mary Magdalene] & they may even have had a son [named Yehuda].
    Miriam of Magdala probably was also an important teacher of Yeshua’s Gospel message in her own right [likely particularly to women in the movement].

    Paul [aka Saul] was NOT one of Yeshua’s original apostles & in fact never even met him in the flesh.
    Paul began his career as a chief inquisitor for the Sanhedrin [who handed Yeshua over to the Roman Governor of Judea- Pontius Pilate, to be executed]- who in fact zealously persecuted Yeshua’s Judean followers.
    Paul was a Roman citizen because his father was Roman.
    Paul as an ‘apprentice apostle’ had significant conflicts / disputes w Yaakov [Yeshua’s brother] & original Apostles Yokhanon & Simeon bar Levi [aka Sts John & Peter]- which these 3 were also known as the ‘Pillars of the Movement’ at Jerusalem after Yeshua’s execution.

    The ‘Last Supper’ was a Passover Feast Meal, NOT an Easter feast meal. The word Easter is in fact derived from the name of the pagan Canaanite goddess of lust, fertility & war- Ashtoreth [aka Ishtar- Note: mythical Easter-egg laying bunny-rabbits are pagan fertility-rite symbols & mistletoe was also used by European pagans as an aphrodisiac].
    Yeshua was executed, upon Pontius Pilate’s decree, on a Thursday morning- NOT on a Friday morning.
    Rome often crucified those tagged as enemies of the Roman Empire several centuries before Yeshua’s crucifixion [See: ‘Sparticus’ RE: mass-crucifixions during the gladiator slave revolt of 73 -71 BCE].

    Euro-Christianity as we’ve come to know it was formally formulated in 325 ACE at the Council of Nicaea under the auspices of Roman Emperor Constantine [& his mother Helena].
    Euro-Christian doctrine is based as much, or Even More So, on the epistles of Paul than the teachings of Yeshua. Paul originated the doctrine that ‘Grace’ supplants Old Testament Law.
    The Roman Catholic [‘mother’] Church [of Euro-Christianity] has made iconic [idolic] statues of the so-called ‘Virgin Mother’ Mary [aka the so-called ‘Mother of God’ {HUHH???]- rivaling those of iconic [idolic] Jesus crucifixes.
    The ‘Shroud of Turin’ has been shown NOT to be Yeshua’s actual burial shroud by both C14 dating [the Turin shroud dates only to circa 1300 ACE], & also by close evaluation of the Gospels’ accounts of his burial w his body being wrapped / wound tightly in linen cloths [plural] & his head being wrapped in a separate cloth- NOT a single cloth draped over his body [front & back] as the Turin shroud depicts.

    Ancient Churches in Africa [Egypt & Ethiopia] & Asia [IE: Syria] were likely established even before the Roman Catholic Church. However over the course of the past 1700 yrs these Afro-Asiatic churches have been significantly over-shadowed by & also influenced by the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrine & iconic imagery.

  2. I have this downloaded and listen to it often. I remember when Dr. Ball aired this broadcast, that was back when his show was 2 hours and very well produced, like going to school to hear your favorite teachers impart knowledge and wisdom.

    Because of the different truths I’ve absorbed over the years, I made a conscience decision in 1995 not to participate in lies and explained to my children the reasons why I could no longer contribute to myths, consumerism and making sure the stores bottom was ‘black’ while my bottom line would be ‘red’. Just did not make sense. While it took a few years for them to adjust, we are still here and the world did not end because of not participating in the ‘craziness’ of Christmas.

    I prefer to ‘eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die’

  3. This is a great compilation of jazz and information. Please keep posting these shows so that we can keep your legacy alive, Jared. Your mission does not end with WPFW…it expands and continues on.

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