Since the publication of my mixtape manifesto there have been a few editorial mistakes that have plagued me.  Well, a few months ago word came from the publisher of a small reprint (thanks again everyone for your support!) and a chance for me to make some corrections.  For those interested they are below.  I do think that despite its flaws the book remains ultimately correct and relevant in its analyses especially given, among other examples, the recent court ruling regarding the future of the Internet.  I also remain proud of the initial mixtape radio project the book recounts.  And for what its worth, I’ve still not seen much focus on the mixtape or this particular approach to hip-hop, media and African America.

*To the following edits submitted to the publisher let me also add mention of another great critique I received when visiting a class at Howard University (thanks again Dr. Greg Carr).  One sister questioned the fact that i did not include WHUR in my analysis of DC’s media environment.  She is right on there and that is an inexcusable oversight on my part.

1. Steven should be Stephen on p.3 – This too is most embarrassing and inexcusable.  I have never felt worse about anything i’ve ever done in “public” life.   My deepest apologies to Biko and all the ancestors for this error.
2. Please take out the sub-headings on pp. 32, 41
3. on p. 37 1st full paragraph it should read only “the state” NOT “nation-state”
3. On p. 35 the quote about wealth disparity for reference 158 should read, “the top 1% of Americans… own roughly 40% of the country’s wealth… [and] share an aggregate net worth that is greater than the net worth of the bottom 90%…”
4.  At the bottom of p. 31 reference 123 needs amending.  The in-text quote should read, “Colonialism is not a type of individual relations but the conquest of a national territory and the oppression of a people: that is all.  It is not a certain type of human behavior or a pattern of relations between individuals.  Every Frenchmen in Algeria is at the present time an enemy solider.”  And a comma should go after “that” preceding the quote. The footnote (123) itself needs amending and should read:Toward the African Revolution, 1964, p. 81.
5. On page 121, the Cut Chemist pull quote should be amended to read, “We’re takin’ over radio and wack media… turn off the radio and stick a fuckin’ tape in it!”