A Pan-African Look at Police Violence

As part of our special Ferguson and Beyond programming guests from England, Austria and Washington, DC joined us for a pan-African look at police violence.  Activist and scholar Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur from Austria, barrister Kevin Bismark Cobham in England and activist and organizer Eugene Puryear in Washington, DC joined the Killer Bs iMiXWHATiLiKE crew!


  1. I agree with the sister.

    We define racism in a very immature way. Racism is economic, political and military subjugation.

    It’s not about Europeans and others liking us, it’s about power and wealth and how it is necessary to subjugate us for others to empower themselves.

  2. Dr. Hate is the best part of the show! And the best comedy comes from hate. They hate unfunny stuff, call out contradictions, hold mirrors up to the world. There is no funny without Hate. But Hate is often misunderstood… anyway… Hate aint goin’ nowhere so…

  3. Did someone tell Dr Hate that he possessed comedic talent? Hate & comedy don’t mix. Most of the time Dr Hate sounds like Dr Corny.

    1. Thank you for your opinion, but we in the Killer B’s think Dr. Hate is hilarious!

      If anyone is Dr. Corny out of the three, it is clearly me, the one of us who is the missing member of “The Big Bang Theory” 🙂 and who tries to be the WPFW equivalent of Flavor Flav! LOL!

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