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Teaching About Political Prisoners Will Get You Fired! An Exclusive with Marylin Zuniga

Marylin Zuniga gives this exclusive interview after being fired for teaching about political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal during Black History Month.

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  1. The FOP’s [racist-bloody] finger-prints are all over this fine young sister’s firing, just as their [racist-bloody] finger-prints are all over the increased bounty on Assatta Shakur’s head [from $1million$ to $2million$]. But this is the same FOP whose Racist-Bloody finger-prints are also all over the MOVE Bombing too- which BURNED Alive mainly Women & CHILDREN- while burning-down an entire Black neighborhood in Philly to the ground- as ‘collateral-damage’!!!
    – So just facilitating the delivery of Get-Well cards to a Black political-prisoner can get you fired, especially if said prisoner is branded a [white] Cop-Killer [under dubious circumstances].

    – The real reason why the FOP & Feds have a ‘price on Mumia’s & Assatta’s heads’ is because they were both BPP members, & Mumia was also an advocate for MOVE. And we all know how much the COINTELPRO Cops & Feds HATED the BPP- IE: how they EXECUTED [= murdered] Chicago BPP Chairman Fred Hampton Sr & Mark Clark while they were asleep, FRAMED BPP member Geronimo Pratt for a ‘murder’ They KNEW HE DID NOT Commit [served 27 yrs] – like-wise w TRNN’s own Eddie Conway who spent 44 yrs in prison on bogus / BS cop-murder charges… And again how Philly cops BURNED 11 MOVE members [mostly women & children] Alive, while burning-down an entire Black neighborhood to-boot!!! Thus whether Mumia really did kill that cop is IMO almost an academic question!
    – Compare how the US’ Racist Criminalized {in}Justice {mis}’Treats’ its [Black & Brown] political Prisoners vs the EU. EU radical orgs of the 1970s & 80s that carried out ‘terrorist’ acts including bombings & even executing cops, politicians, & top Corp Reps- nearly all of them are already out of jail & have been for yrs, or even for 1 – 2 decades. Hell that mass-murderer in Sweden that killed 80 people [mostly kids] won’t serve more than 25 yrs in jail- Thus he’ll be back on the street by age 55!!! But the US has locked-up Black & Brown political-prisoners for LIFE [often under dubious circumstances]- often in prolonged solitary confinement [= TORTURE]- & thrown away the keys- w NO intent of EVER freeing them!!!
    – Emphasizing the Point: the Kidnapping & Execution case of ex Italian PM Aldo Moro circa 1978 – 79: Of those Italian ‘Red Brigade’ members convicted for ex PM Moro’s kidnapping & execution [including killing several of his body-guards]- NONE [= 0] have spent more than 25yrs in jail!!! In fact most were released / paroled by the mid 1990s [= barely 15 yrs in jail], w one released by 2006 [after 21yrs]. Compare that to Black & Brown political prisoners in the US: I don’t think ANY have been voluntarily released / paroled by authorities- & those who’ve been released, were due to long, protracted & bitterly contested legal battles [ala Geronimo Pratt & Eddie Conway]!!! Yet most are still locked-up after 30, 40 & 45 yrs in jail- often in solitary confinement!! So just one of those Red-Brigade guys had to serve 21yrs for ruthlessly executing Italy’s ex-PM in cold-blood, compared Geronimo Pratt who served 27yrs on a Phony Trumped-up murder-beef that the Cops & Feds KNEW from the GET-GO, He Did NOT Commit!!!

    PS: A Key point to consider from Sis Zuniga’s & her students’ view-point:} ‘The fact that he [Mumia] is a published writer, he’s published while still incarcerated, is something that we all can admire, right. I [Sis Zuniga] have family members who are incarcerated- As do a lot of my students… So this is an important point to highlight… [that] We [Sis Zuniga & her students] all [personally] know someone who’s incarcerated… And so the fact that he [Mumia] has published writings while he’s in prison is something that’s very admirable, & [that] he’s been recognized internationally [for his writing].’ { Thus these Black Kids [& their families too] likely see Mumia almost as an incarcerated family member & even mentor.

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