Unsilencing Stealth Histories of Armed Struggle and Shortcomings of Left Media Analysis

Dhoruba bin-Wahad, formerly of The Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, discussed his critique of the “alternative press” and Left analysis of the history of armed struggle – what he calls “stealth” histories – as exemplified in a recent interview with Angela Davis.

4 thoughts on “Unsilencing Stealth Histories of Armed Struggle…

    1. I wish Dhoruba had his own platform. He is a living history book but cannot seem to fully express what is heavy on his mind. European “Mechanical Time” seems to always cut his analysis short. We should hear him out while we still have him.

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      1. Good point. But check our archive, click the link attached to his name above. We’ve had him on long-form a few times just not in the venue within which im stuck now (just for now).


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