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The 5th Annual Hate Awards

The We Plead No 5th Annual, 2017, Make America Hate Again, Winter Solstice, Bah Humbug, Free-Range Vegan Soul Media,  Not Our Anthem Hate Awards… Brought to you by The Akwabena-Kom-Lately Never-Profit Fellowship, The Soros Said No Closed Society Institute and the McWhorter Ain’t No Genius Grant.

The Hate Awards are an annual satirical critique of all that has yet again helped prevent revolution or praise for what has helped push us forward and has only two standing rules: 1) Everyone can get it and 2) Hate Harder.

The 5th Annual Hate Awards! A satirical look at what helped and prevented revolution in 2017! Click to Tweet

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This year’s top categories included:

  1. The To Catch a Casting Couch Predator Harvey Weinstein Judge Some Moore Burn Hollywood Burn Stein Bear Blair Witz Hunt Awards
  2. The Rick James F*&K Your Couch Award
  3. The Get Out of the Boondocks Half Caste Half Amazing Glass Half Full or Empty Award
  4. Battle of the Year
  5. Hater of the Year #HOTY2017

Kendi Whitaker: Our 2017 HOTY! 

four score and seven years ago – choreographed by kendi whitaker


… and in honor of this year’s Battle of the Year Hate Award recipient:


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