Thu. Feb 21st, 2019

Dr. Lewis Gordon: Afropessimism, Africana Philosophy and Theory

Dr. Lewis Gordon was our guest for more discussion of Afropessimism, Africana Philosophy and Theory. Gordon discussed some troubling trends in prevalent in much of the discussion around Afropessimism including a lack of substance among supporters and a tendency to “fetishize” individuals rather than deal with ideas themselves.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Lewis Gordon: Afropessimism, Africana Philosophy and Theory

  1. Dr. Gordon as with Professor Jordan B Peterson I think you should have a lot more lengthy videos up on YouTube. I further think it is time you have direct truth discussions with Professor Jordan B Peterson,

    Anticipating, Paul

  2. This conversation made me question a lot about what I thought I knew. I can’t wait for Part II and III and the potential (fingers crossed) response in an Wilderson or Sexton interview.

  3. Great convo! So much intellectual grist for the proverbial mill…..
    Gotta cop “Bad Faith…..” and give it a close reading. Already looking forward to parts 2 and 3!

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