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I dig people, righteous people. I always have found it hard to really hate anyone. I loved people. I understood from the beginning that the end purpose of life was simply to live, experience, contribute, connect, to gratify the body and mind. I began to hate when I discovered that the mystification was interjected intentionally. – George Jackson, (1994-09-01). Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson (p. 232), Chicago Review Press, Kindle Edition (emphasis added).

You have to be willing to subject to the rapier knife of revolutionary criticism if you are serious about creating a revolution. – Safiya Bukhari , The War Before: The True Life Story of Becoming a Black Panther Keeping the Faith in Prison, Fighting for Those Left Behind, (2010, emphasis added).

The Hate Awards are a satirical look at all that inspires and prevents revolution and liberation. The rules are simple:
1. Anyone can get it
2. Hate Harder

The Hate U Give 2019 Hate Awards Preview!

2019 is offering so much already in advance of this year’s forthcoming #HateAwards that we thought we’d start with this preview delivered to us by the good folks at #ADOS (American Descendants Of Slavery) and its leadership! Enjoy this preview of what will be much more as Yvette Carnell gets at Drs. Ray Winbush and Jared Ball. She fashions herself and #ADOS as the heir to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and suggests they are the target of a modern-day COINTELPRO. To see more on those topics we have an extensive archive here. As for the hilarious but outright (Hateful!) lies Carnell tells of Ball? Rather than listen to claims that there are attempts to “undermine” her work perhaps Carnell should be asked to comment publicly about the previous years of being welcomed and supported by Ball, the previous support he showed for both her and Antonio Moore or their previous cordial and collegial email and phone exchanges which have only been forgotten with the advent of #ADOS and subsequent critiques of its conservative political approach to reparations and Black activism or organization. Her claims of “uplift” and attempts to build “behind the scenes” are simply without merit in this case as every attempt to reach out and build with her on this issue has been ignored (at best) or met with vitriol, social media blocking and now these outright lies. Those interested can watch for themselves the lecture to which Carnell makes reference and then read as well for themselves the subsequent article requested by the conference organizers and reach their own (now actually informed) conclusions. And for the record, the event was not at a “Black church” but was convened by Black and national White Baptist church organizers and held at the University of Louisville. The things people do when they want that “Number One Spot!” Mostly, however, we appreciate the Hate and will have much more fun with this and all else happening and to happen in 2019!

The Hate U Give 2019 Preview

The 20 Hateen Hate Awards

The 20 Hateen Hate Awards Part 1
CORRECTION: “Derisive” was not the word i was looking for. “Derivative” is the word Dr. King used to describe the crimes of Black people, derivative of a white supremacist and capitalist society.
The 20 Hateen Hate Awards Part 2
The 20 Hateen Hate Awards Part 3

The Hate Awards Archives

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  1. First, my vote for the 2018 Hate Award is the Sentinel Nation. I think the reason why is self explanatory. Second, I am a long-time admirer of the work u do (for the masses). Thank you.

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