Reparations: A Discussion with Drs. William Darity and Jared Ball

Jared Ball

At the invitation of Dr. Keith Montgomery of Chaffey College Drs. William Darity and Jared Ball were asked their thoughts on reparations, racial wealth inequalities and pathways to address each and more.*

*audio picks up with Dr. Montgomery’s introduction of Dr. Darity

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2 thoughts on “Reparations: A Discussion with Drs. William Darity and Jared Ball

  1. Excellent program. Moore & Carnell are adherents of Dr. Darity Although Dr.Darity comes across as mild mannered, I wondered whether or not he would bring some of their lunacy to the table. It was good to hear that he disabused the notion of having any protégés & also largely agreed with your stance on the subject. I welcomed the intrepid Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report excoriating critique of Moore, Carnell & the continuing disappointing Cornel West. Your reference of Dr Walters correct statement that colonized people returning to the imperial metropolis was correct & left Dr Darity with no rejoinder . Not that I think the Federal government are going to give Afrikans any reparations , where do the indigenous people, who were the victims of genocide & are largely interned in concentration camps, where do they stand in the reparations debate?

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