Tubman City, aka, Baltimore, Howard St.

Dr. Iyelli Ichile joined us again to discuss a presentation she recently gave at the African Psychology Student Association conference at Bowie State University where she discussed Harriet Tubman, Araminta, in the lesser-known context of maroons and maroonage.

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  1. Most definitely emancipatory information being revealed here by Dr. Iyelli Ichile. If enslaved Blacks had been allowed to read or have access to any of the Bible’s most elementary truths, it would have become quite clear that white people were poor Christians, and that consequently they would suffer for it. If I can see that you’re not living as a Christian, especially by enslaving my people and bringing them to a land where materialism and inhumanity were the dominate themes, then it is impossible for you to turn me into one. This is the credo embraced by maroon freedom fighters Nat Turner and Harriet Araminta Tubman, both who felt they were singled out by the divine hand of God to liberate and vindicate the indignities imposed on their people by the slave masters. When the Black race was reduced to slavery, the theory soon developed that this condition was their predestined lot. It was Harriet Araminta Tubman and other Blacks persistent denial of this theory by resistance and constant rebellion that brought an end to the institution of chattel slavery in the New World.

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