By Christopher Marshall

The American Descendants of Slaves, ADOS, condo kneegrows, the descendants of house slaves. This a hashtag who has taken the ashes of integration and is trying to rebuild the burning building of integration that Dr. King warned us about. They have capitalized on the cultural animosity between Black immigrants and Black people in America while pledging allegiance to the United States of America. They’ve turned reparations into the price of whiteness, full acceptance into the empire. Reparations is something that is paid by a defeated country to a victorious one. The idea that an undefeated American empire would pay reparations is unsound.

As for ADOS leadership, Yvette Carnell is a member of PFIR, Progressive For Immigration Reform, which has no progressives and is a front for white nationalist organizations. Tone, Antonio Moore, was a prosecutor under Kamala Harris in Cali. Dr. Kevin Cosby is a black Republican who runs the most conservative HBCU and is paid to encourage his congregation to vote for Republicans like Rand Paul. The hustle is making black people believe that if we teach white wealth data that we’ll get reparations in 2020. That’s why people like Tariq Nasheed with FBA(Foundational Black Americans) hopped on because he knows he can manipulate ADOS to support his hustle as well. Religion, Capitalism, and fascism, this is the pyramid of exploitation, is what comprises the ADOS movement. 

“The sadistic perverse character of the race ideology is also seen in the attitude toward religion. Fascism, we are told, is the arch-enemy of religion, and a regression to paganism. On the contrary, fascism is the extreme expression of religious mysticism.”- Wilhelm Reich. ADOS is rooted in Christianity more specifically the black church which is the where economic exploitation and demagoguery originated. “The organized church could provide an individual or a group with the means for retaining long-term control of the financial resources of the black community.”- Earl Ofari. Preachers become politicians, demagogues become the standard for leadership, and we allow our enemies to cultivate our leadership. The Mansion kneegrow the one who encapsulates all our hopes and dreams, covered in the wealth generated by the masses they deceived whether it’s god’s will or a capitalist axion we determine who will lead us based on class not competency. Instead of creating institutions that serve the people and manufacture revolutionaries, we create cults that serve individual financial gain. “The black minister, through the church, became so successful that he inspired many opportunistic hustlers in the black community to make them go into business for themselves.” -Earl Ofari. 

When you mix patriotism and religion with the promise of reparations it results in slaves supporting fascism. God will make you think not only can you cure whiteness and become white, but it’ll make you think you can become white in the process of having 40 million black people receive 17 trillion dollars of reparations with no political power, no human rights, but this same white man will gives us more than he gives his military.   Like Reich said “…fascism is the extreme expression of religious mysticism.” The political integration of white nationalism, that we see in the black church isn’t an accident but it’s the height of neocolonialism. The hatred of Africa, the dismissal of Pan-Africanism, and the condemnation of socialism by ADOS and its twin FBA show that we’ve integrated fascism.

“The unfortunate circumstances confronting the so-called Negro can be attributed to the fact that he is being used as a tool by a gang of Machiavellian schemers operating from the North led by white people with a regular retinue of ”House Niggers” fronting as leaders. These scoundrels have no program to offer the masses of Black people, but hold up before the myopic focus of frustrated Negroes the degenerate mirage of miscegenation, social equality and integration with white people. Nor can it be said in their favor that they have ever shown any measure of sincerity in attempting to improve the conditions affecting the masses. Actually, the members of this clique have very little affinity with the Black race. Ideologically, this band of parasites has a bastard complex which they dramatize whenever the opportunity presents itself.” -Carlos Cooks

Carlos Cooks

I never hear ADOS quote Chancellor Williams, John Henrik Clarke, Cheikh Anta Diop, Robin Walker, Eric Williams, Hubert Harrison, George Padmore. Yet how can you be so proud of our culture here in America but have no knowledge of the political history in the United States? They’ll say Malcolm X is outdated, DuBois is outdated, Kwame Turé outdated, they have no respect for any of our black scholars.

Then they’ll talk about how on one hand how the black masses are deluded by black celebrity and bootstrappers then at the same time measure the success of our revolutionaries by our material success and say our ancestors are worthless. They reduce our liberation struggle to our lack of success under capitalism. Then the fight for reparations isn’t about gaining power, it’s about getting resources to succeed under their systems. So, we can build black wall street only for them to attack that shit with drones. ADOS= Always Dumb Outrageous Shit.

American Descendants of Slaves, ADOS, native blacks, former Africans. The ADOS movement says that Native Blacks should not identify with Africa because Africans sold us into slavery. But did Africans sell us into slavery? Was there an actual trade where two equals exchanged resources for mutual benefits? What natural resources did Europe that Africa didn’t have? Umbrellas? Weapons? 

It’s not slave trade it’s what Chinweizu calls “The Black Chattelization Race War”. The ADOS Movement is founded on glamourizing the image of the slave which our oppressors have always loved. The ADOS movement wants to co-opt Black Radicalism by merging American patriotism with Black Radicalism but how can embrace the empire and fight imperialism? In 1988 Huey Newton said that “Any time the Black man attempts to change the slave image he will scare white people”. So, when you sustain the slave image you make white people extremely comfortable. Then you sustain the culture of your oppressor, the mentality of your oppressor, you define your entire existence by the standards of your oppressor. You even get to the point where you want Africans to pay reparations as if Africans aren’t under just as much oppression as we are.

There are condo kneegrows, Mansion kneegrows, hell you even got basement kneegrows who think Africans don’t deserve reparations for allegedly selling us into slavery. But in the words of Eartha Kitt “For What??!!”, what did they sell us for? Where’s the money? Where are these alleged weapons?

Chinweizu Ibekwe

Nigerian Critic Chinweizu graduate of MIT:

“Before you accuse those of us who were left on the African side of selling you. You have to show us that none of your ancestors was one of the collaborators who got captured and transported. It’s only if you can do that, that you can tell us ” O yeah, I’m innocent, you are guilty, we’re innocent.” If you cant prove that, then you could’ve been one of those doing the selling. So this animus of “you guys sold us” shouldn’t be an issue with us because we are victims of on both sides. The victims in Africa, whose villages were burned down in et cetera, lives destroyed. And the victims, the prisoners of war who got carried across the Atlantic. We’re both victims of different types and capacities from the same war, created by the same enemy, so we shouldn’t allow that to get between us”.

The ADOS Movement thinks that demanding reparations, rejecting their African identity while embracing their US citizenship is somehow Black Radicalism, that threatens the power structure. What a delusion, Kwame Ture says ” Capitalism makes us think we are thinking when are merely reacting to stimuli”. This concept that if we confine our history to the Transatlantic slavery to now, while glorifying the Maafa and the dehumanization will lead to an avalanche of wealth in the form of reparations. It’s so disturbing that wealth determines the identity of ADOS on one hand they condemn Nigerians due to the myth of the Nigerian slave trade but embrace Americanism despite US imperialism being built off African slave labor. When a black class enemy displays the same behavior as the African elite they call them “raceless” because they believe both ADOS elites and white people betray us due to ignorance and not their own despicable self-interests. Since America is rich and Africa is poor thanks to America, ADOS reject Africa and solely identify with America. Kwame Ture describes their mentality perfectly:

Kwame Ture / Stokely Carmichael

“Take any unconscious African, ” Hey brother, hey sister what’s happening African? I ain’t no African”. “Well I know you ain’t no African, but would you like to read something about Africa?” “What’s that gon’ do for me?” And they think when they respond to this that they are really thinking. Taught by the enemy to react stimuli and in the act of reacting, they seriously think they are thinking.”

These condo kneegrows tell us we can do nothing without the government, that we are too incapable of organizing against this oppressive empire, they think we are but apathetic slaves who need be made whole with wealth. The ADOS condo kneegrow identity is rooted in the Afro-pessimistic ontological death, that murders the African yet keeps the American and results in the Negro. This psychological dependency that exists in this movement is why so many people abandon church, school, politics. But the creator of the Black Power Movement Kwame Ture aka Stokely Carmichael states: 

The job of the oppressor is to have the oppressed believe that they can do nothing without the oppressor. And if can’t make their history by themselves then they certainly will think they are incapable of making their liberation by themselves.”

Black Revolutionaries went to great lengths to study and create indigenous institutions to expand our history beyond slavery to the beginning of civilization in Africa. For condo negroes who tell us to reject African history and only identify with slavery that disrespects our revolutionary ancestors. Malcolm X said, “Cotton pickin’ don’t move me.” To glorify slavery to cement an image of powerlessness in pursuit of reparations is the apex of menticide. The ADOS movement isn’t just an ontological death but ontological genocide. To sustain the slave image destroys our resistance, or as Kwame Ture says, “No slave can have dignity, a slave can only get dignity in the fight for freedom”.

We are Black, we are Africans, we are prisoners of war who were kidnapped by omnicidal human traffickers. Despite being lynched, castrated, sterilized, raped we continue to be African we continue to create Africa where we are. We are human beings who continue to be the greatest threat with our intellectual work, our military genius, our cultural fluidity, and our unparalleled self-determination which is at the core of Blackness. We must continue to practice Sankofa because we may be oppressed but we are more than our chains. Since condo negroes claim Black Radicalism listen to a real black revolutionary, Kwame Ture:

“No people can begin their history in slavery, no people. God has never created anybody in slavery, all people are created free, then they are enslaved.  So that any African beginning their history in the United States is a stupid African, beginning their history in slavery. And if you begin your history in slavery the best you can hope to be is a good slave . Indeed if you begin your origins in slavery where is your inspiration to fight? A people who were enslaved must know at one time they were free. It is only when they know at one time they were free they will be motivated by the responsibility which history imposes upon them to struggle to be free again”.

We come to the Skip “The Truth” Gates article who asserts in his article “The Slavery Blame Game” that 90% of all slaves were sold by Africans. Funny that when Kanye said slavery was a choice, we condemned him, but the ADOS movement accepts this lie as a historical fact to validate their tribalism and their self-hatred.

The brilliant author of the book “The Man-Not” responded to the article by Gates to put it in its proper perspective:

“Skip Gates argued that 90% of the Africans sold into slavery were by other Africans. Now the reaction to this article, of course, has been negative and the reaction to this contingent has been negative. And I think we have to be very careful of how we understand this. Even if it’s true and I’m not saying that it is, right? Because he’s basing this on the book by two historians that claims this incredible number of 90%. Even if this is true, I think that what we understand the idea that Africans participated in slavery. We have to also understand whether or not Africans as a whole benefited from slavery. So when we talk about who did what in history, I think what we’re doing now is we’re assigning moral culpability or historical importance to certain events based on our political impetus to do so”.

Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell keep perpetuating the Skip “The Truth” Gates article as a valid source for the history of slavery, and we find that the same white apologists’ politics in the ADOS movement. They continue to propagate the myth of “Africans profiting off of slavery” and we find that Moore, Carnell, , and Gates have an agenda to make Africans equally responsible for slavery. But according to Professor Molefi Asante in his analysis of Gates:

“I don’t think Gates is correct and I think what his quest does is try to drive a wedge between Africans on the continent and Africans in the diaspora, and this is unfortunate because after all the circumstances on the continent. The colonization of African people and African societies, this was just as bad and some maybe even worse than the enslavement of Africans in the diaspora”.

The idea that Africans profited from slavery is up there with Kanye saying, “slavery was a choice”. Now when Moore and Carnell use like ” The Slavery Blame Game” and “My Great Grandfather the Nigerian Slave Trader” they echo the same ahistorical propaganda Molefi Asante in his analysis of the Gates article:

“…Gates position is that somehow profit was made by these Africans in Sierra Leone who were engaged in the slave trade. My only point is that this must’ve been something so minuscule that it should not even be mentioned in regards to the fact the Enslavement of Africans fueled the Industrialization of Europe. And gave Europe it’s advantage materially and also economically, politically, and militarily for the last 500 years”.  

Dr. Tommy J. Curry and Chinweizu weren’t the only scholars to debunk the Gates article, Professor Molefi Asante questioned the validity of Skip “The Truth” Gates.

“Henry Gates is fundamentally wrong on this attempt to remove guilt from the European slavers and place it on Africans. This is why he’s wrong, in the first place Africans did not initiate the European Slave Trade. The Slave Trade was initiated by European nations, the Northern and Western European nations were in engaged in this business”.

ADOS movement tries to make this false equivalency that Africans built wealth off of slavery and that Africans profited off of slavery to the extent that they should pay reparations but according to Professor Asante:

“There was no African society where slavery was the principal mode of production…Before the coming of Arabs and the Europeans production… ” The notion of chattel slavery was unknown to the African world”.

ADOS conflate collaborator and profiteer they distort the history, the reject their identity, in hopes of reparations. There were race traitors in Africa but they were the victim of either chattel slavery or colonialism. Nonetheless, there’s no evidence that justifies demanding reparations from our African brothers and sisters on the continent. To clarify the misconception by the ADOS, Molefi Asante clarified the confusion:

“You did have situations where we could say that there were some Africans who were collaborators with Europeans. But these collaborators with the Europeans can never be considered the profiteers of slavery in the same way that Europeans profited from this monstrosity. In fact, you have collaborators with European oppressors in many places and societies. There were black police during the apartheid era in South Africa, but you don’t blame apartheid on black police in South Africa. You wouldn’t blame the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis for Nazism and for the incredible horror of the holocaust. You don’t blame the collaborators for initiating acts of terror and acts of ungodly horror in the world”.

The condo kneegrow ADOS say that reparations are their standard for Black politics. They won’t support a politician if they don’t advocate for reparations for ADOS only through transformative government. Transformative government means asking these crackers to change by the way lol. Have you ever calculated reparations? Do you know how much black people are specifically? Well, let’s look at 40 acres and a mule without the animal.

The black population is 37,144,530 million people lets give each black person 40 acres that would give us 1,485,781,200 billion acres giving us 60.8% of the land in the United States. Then all non-black people would own 2.8 acres per person while we own 40. 

According to Diallo Kenyatta, “Over 1 trillion dollars’ worth of land and resources were stolen during reconstruction”. 

When you tally up the land and money that were owed in terms of reparations, then you realize, it’ll be the end of capitalism and imperialism. Now ask yourself will the empire who stole the land and resources pay us reparations because it’s right? because it’s fair? Hell no 

We really must be practical in our political assessment of the ADOS movement. They often make psychopathic projections asserting that Black revolutionaries and Pan-Africanist don’t know enough. They divide European colonies in Africa to segment the reparations fight as if the United States and Europe aren’t interconnected, going as far back as the Berlin Conference and as recent as NATO agreements which preserve the stranglehold of neocolonialism throughout the continent and African diaspora. They equate having wealth with having human rights but the ashes of prosperous black communities tell a different story. This delusion that profits will set us free and our salvation is in the closure of the racial wealth gap reminds of Earl Ofari’s book “The Myth Of Black Capitalism” that the very idea of black people being capitalists is a myth. Which brings me to the author of and the creator of the revolutionary media platform and the genius behind “The Myth of Black Buying Power” Dr. Jared Ball:

“I don’t mean to sound vague but you can literally pick ANY individual organization you’ve heard of and ALL have developed a form of international pan African politics. Some more radical than others but this idea of cutting ourselves off to become Americans and challenge America to do right and pay reparations stands against any and every single thing ever and has no sound basis for challenging any previous existing political struggles. It also seems pushed by those who haven’t spent much time actually organizing or working with community organizations. I can’t say for sure but the last part but the argument just sounds divorced from logic and tradition while not explaining at why it is more correct as an approach. It also ignores everyone without telling us why NCOBRA (National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America) has a pan African/International approach as did everything from NAACP to the BPP from Malcolm to Martin to Farrakhan to whoever. Garvey AND DuBois agreed on this and even Booker T went overseas to build support for his thing. Finally, even as a strategy, it’s absurd. Who’re people and the state will appropriately repair DOS alone?!? And a “DOS ONLY” movement cannot develop a sizeable enough movement to force any of this to happen. Very lastly, only 5% of the enslaved ended up here. So “DOS” is itself a pan African and international designation now being claimed by the smallest segment. Even our ancestors here struggled to internationalize their fight against slavery and saw their destinies tied to Haiti and Jamaica and Africa. The American identity as politically imposed as a tactic to weaken the African freedom struggle. Yet here they come saying everyone was wrong(in all their variety) and that we should be Americans and fight for reparations separately from all those Black interlopers usurping our struggle. It’s historically inaccurate, politically flawed and practically or strategically empty”.

The ADOS movement claims blackness defines failure, they even have the audacity to claim that they’re black lol. The reality is these are negroes, I call them “condo kneegrows” because they love our oppressor for crumbs. They love America even after 500 years of relentless oppression.

Let’s explore what it means to be a “Negro”:

“They not only called us Negroes, they made us Negroes … things that don’t know where they came from and even care that they don’t know. Negro is a state of mind, and they massacred our minds.”

The American DOS believes you can merge American patriotism and black radicalism but that dichotomy is a recipe for what Dr.Bobby E. Wright calls “Mentacide” You can’t serve to masters you can’t be against slavery but support capitalism as long as you get blood money at the expense of your own people. You cannot be both black first and American first. You cant be a condo kneegrow and a field nigga, either you protect the plantation or you destroy it. There’s no dichotomy where you can be a loyal American and a freedom fighter for the wretched of the earth.

Queen Mother continues to explain the psyche of the ADOS with: 

“I’ve been a Negro, and I know the condition of the Negro mind. A Negro follows he’s incapable of perception. A Negro is functioning with a European mind, European mentality. So he’s not himself, so he doesn’t know what’s good for him and what’s harmful for him and he’ll do almost anything.”

Carter G. Woods does a great job in delving into the origin of the American DOS mentality which is part of the evolution of the Negro:

“When a Negro has finished his education in our schools, then he has been equipped to begin the life of Americanized or Europeanized white man, but before steps from the threshold of his alma mater he is told by his teachers that he must go back to his own people from who he has been by estranged by vision of ideals which his disillusionment he will realize he cannot attain. He goes forth to play his part in life, but he must be both social and bisocial at the same time. While serving his country he must serve within a special group. While serving his country he must serve within a special group. While being a good American, he must above all things be a “good Negro”; and to perform this definite function he must learn to stay in a “Negro’s place”.

To understand the core of the of ADOS we must clarify the difference between Black and Negro

From H.Rap Brown:

“Some Blacks prefer to be called negroes because they like to distinguish themselves from other Blacks. They fear that if they called themselves Blacks. They fear that if they called themselves Blacks, they may antagonize whites. And if they antagonized whites, they would lose their position as negroes— the white–appointed overseers of Blacks. Thus, negroes have always tried to aid and impress whites by eliminating Blackness. Negroes know that whites prefer institutionalized Blacks, i.e, Blacks who give their allegiance to white cultural, political, social and economic institutions. Non-institutionalized Blacks are difficult to control because their allegiance is to Blacks and not to white institutions”.

Today our blackness is rooted in the revolutionary legacy of H.Rap Brown aka Jamil Al-Amin, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, George Jackson etc. Therefore, we oppose everything that American DOS represents because they are distorting the black radical tradition by repackaging negro integrationist politics as Black Radicalism that’s why they conflate Black and Negro.

H.Rap Brown continues:  

H. Rap Brown / Jamil Al-Amin

“To be Black in this country is to be a nigger is to resist both white and negro death. It is the spirit of resistance which has prepared Blacks for the ultimate struggle.”

We’ve even politicized “Niggatry” from the inspiration of our revolutionary political prisoner Jamil Al-Amin our spirit of resistance has politicized our expression to create camaraderie. A key element is how Nigger is used the missing piece comes from my nigga H.Rap Brown:

“Among Blacks it is not uncommon to hear the words “my nigger” (addressed to a brother as an expression of kinship and brotherhood and respect for having resisted)…” Nigger is only term of endearment if you have resisted, our kinship, our bond is forged by resistance. 

ADOS want to redefine the black radicalism that was the foundation of the Black Power Movement which they deliberately exclude in their apolitical education. They have the audacity to call Kwame Ture an ally as if he’s not our ancestor. Its important we include American DOS with the black mis-leadership class who puts on fire suits to save the burning house of integration. The ADOS movement is a result of what the Mis-Education of the Negro produced.

Yvette Carnell said, “The only way to make their whiteness not matter is to make us white. Whiteness is normalization. They made us black to create an abnormal group, the way you normalize us is give us that wealth back.”

She equates wealth and whiteness to being human while reducing being black and poor to subhuman. So, in order to be made human we must embrace America and pursue whiteness.

We must return to Carter G. Woodson to give this absurd statement context:

” As another has well said, to handicap a student by teaching that his blackface is a curse and that his struggle to change his condition is hopeless is the worst of lynching. It kills one’s aspirations and dooms him to vagabondage and crime. It is strange, then, that the friends of truth and the promoters of freedom have not risen up against the present propaganda in schools and crushed it. This crusade is much more important than the anti-lynching movement because there would be no lynching if it did not start in the schoolroom. Why not exploit it, enslave, or exterminate a class that everybody is taught to regard as inferior.”

Malcolm X in his speech at Michigan State from 21:08-22:38 goes into great detail of what I mean when  negroes identify as American and not Black, especially not African

Malcolm X said:

Malcolm X

“He wants to be an American rather than to be black, he wants to be something other than what he is. Knowing that America is a white country, he knows he can’t be Black and an American too. So he never calls himself Black, he calls himself an American Negro, a Negro in America. And usually, he will deny his own race, his own color, just to be a second-class American. He’ll deny his own history, his own culture, he’ll deny all of his brother and sisters in Africa, in Asia in the east. Just to be a second-class American, he denies everything he represents, or that everything that was in his past. Just to be accepted into a country, and into a government that has rejected him ever since he was brought here. Well, this negro is sick, he has to be sick to try to force himself among some people who don’t want him. Or to be accepted into a government that has used its entire political and educational system to keep him relegated to the role of second-class citizen. And, therefore he spends a lifetime begging for acceptance into the same government that made slaves of his people, he gives his life for a country that made his people slaves. And still confines him to the role of second-class citizen, and we feel that he waste his time. Begging white politicians, political hypocrites for civil rights or for some kind of first-class citizenship”.

The American DOS animosity towards Africans, Caribbeans, and other African brothers and sisters is what Amos Wilson calls the Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in service of white domination, Amos Wilson states:

“Black-on-Black violence and criminality are rooted in “positive” White American values– irrational quests for power, prestige, possession, affection, and acceptance among peers so as to secure illusory reassurances against anxiety, self-contempt, and feelings of inferiority. They are rooted as well in attempts to protect against exploitation by others caught up in the same rapacious social environment generated and sustained by egregious White American values.”

American DOS hostility hasn’t resulted in Black-on-Black violence, but I write to you to prevent this tribalism that ADOS has perpetuated to turn into what creates the foundation for what become ethnic conflicts. To commodify our oppression to profit off of tribalism in pursuit of reparations, without a condemnation of capitalism then the result ends in neo-colonialism, or like Fred Hampton Sr. said “Negro Imperialists.”

A big issue i have with the American DOS it has no analysis of colonialism, they believe that engaging in international revolutionary struggle like Pan-Africanism is escapism or as Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore say “The Wakandanization” of black politics. But an even more disturbing statement was Yvette Carnell said, “We are not a nation within a nation, we ain’t none of that, we’re American as apple pie.” Pan-Africanism has been our ideological foundation along with our domestic political agenda comprised in Black Nationalism. But those like ADOS who have adapted the conservative reactionary politics of groups like CORE who pushed black capitalism to get concessions from Richard Nixon in opposition to The Black Panther Party, SNCC under Stokely Carmichael and H.Rap Brown. What’s interesting is how they can talk about the importance of tribalism yet reject the notion of African America. Dr. Jared Ball thinks otherwise in his book “I Mix What I Like” where he says:

“The colonialism described herein related to African America and the United States is naturally a subset of a larger imperial process or what is often referred to openly as an “empire”. Accepting this, then, it stands to reason that discussions that proceed on the basis of people as “free citizens”, as opposed to subjects to empire, are inherently doomed. Discussions of subjects should proceed in terms of colonialism that binds them. After all, empires are not composed of free citizens in democracies. Empires are composed of subjects within colonies, including those held domestically or internally. Theoretically, this approach is important for those interested in development of practical responses designed to upset these relationships. Limitations imposed by false(faulty) notions of “citizenship”, “democracy”, “freedom”, “progress”, or even the suggestion that there is a “postcolonial” moment, render similarly limited analyses and prescription regarding response.”

To better understand Dr. Jared Ball’s analysis its important we define his Inter Colonialism Theory(ICT). Dr. Ball states:

“…Black or African America exists today more as an internal colony (or colonies) held within the United States. Rather than citizens, more “citizen-subjects,” these communities experience a form of colonialism(domestic, internal, and/or neo) in which they are cordoned off and ruled, even if by proxy, from more dominant, distant, and White populations.”

Juxtaposing the Inter Colonialism Theory to Huey Newton’s Intercommunalism Theory, we see that Dr.Ball asserts we aren’t citizens in the same way Newton asserts we arent nations due to imperialism.

Working from the framework of Inter Colonialism Theory it puts the ADOS movement in its proper context to illuminate what Frantz Fanon and Kwame Nkrumah warned us about tribalism, nationalism, ultranationalism and the national bourgeoisie.

ADOS center their ideology around tribalism and capitalizing on that tribalism by distancing themselves from these alleged Africans that sold us into slavery as well other Africans throughout the diaspora. They even claim that Pan-Africanism is dead and reduce the ideology to a self-esteem boost. Had they read “Class Struggle in Africa” they would know the limitations of tribalism, heed Kwame Nkrumah:

“The tribal formula is frequently used to obscure the class forces created in African society by colonialism. In many areas, uneven economic development under colonial rule led to a differentiation of economic functions along ethnic lines. This tendency is exploited in the interests of international capitalism. A distinction must be made between tribes and tribalism. The clan is extended family, and the tribe is the extended clan with the same language within a territory. There were tribes in Africa before imperialist penetration, but no “tribalism” in modern senses. Tribalism arose from colonialism, which exploited feudal and tribal survivals to combat the growth of national liberation movements”.

The ADOS hashtag feigns black radicalism by mentioning mass incarceration, black unemployment, the racial wealth gap, and the importance of citizenship and nationhood. They think they’re part of the black radical tradition, but actually they are integrationist firefighters who ran into the burning house of integration that even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. abandoned. Frantz Fanon warned us about the limitations of nationhood but sadly their cognitive dissonance kept them from heeding his warning in   ” The Wretched of the Earth”:

“History teaches us that the anti-colonialist struggle is not automatically written from a nationalist perspective. Over a long period of time, the colonized have devoted their energy to eliminating iniquities such as forced labor, corporal punishment, unequal wages, and the restriction of political rights. This fight for democracy against man’s oppression gradually emerges from a universalist, neoliberal confusion to arrive, sometimes their apathy and yes, their cowardice at the crucial moment in the struggle, are the cause of tragic trial and tribulations”.

The inadequate and downright narrow nationalism that the American DOS movement encapsulates which cuts us off from the African diaspora. It is indicative of the integration generation that has abandoned grassroots movements, only to attempt to create this bourgeois black radicalism that is nothing more than petty condo negro bourgeoise. This class of negroes was left out of the negro elite aka Mansion kneegrow, but they aspire to be race traitors that define the civil rights movement and the benefactors who reaped the rewards of resistance.

This disconnected ADOS movement is what Frantz Fanon articulated when he broke down the regression of nationalism:

“Instead of being the coordinated crystallization of the people’s innermost aspirations, instead of being that most tangible, immediate product of popular mobilization, national consciousness is nothing but a crude, empty, fragile shell. The cracks in it explain how easy it is for young independent countries to switch back from nation to ethnic group and from state to tribe— a regression which is so terribly detrimental and prejudicial to the development of the nation and national unity.”

America don’t give a fuck about us, our citizenship don’t mean shit, America will not give us anything on the basis of fairness and morality. This idea that our submission and love for empire will result into reparations is a pathetic fantasy. The only chance the black masses have is to be committed to revolutionary struggle, even Frantz Fanon gave the ADOS directions on what they should in his analysis of the national bourgeoisie:

“Under the colonial system, a bourgeoisie that accumulates capital is in the realm of the impossible. To our thinking, therefore, the historical vocation of an authentic national bourgeoisie in an underdeveloped country is to repudiate its status bourgeois and an instrument of capital and to become entirely subservient to revolutionary capital which the people represent.”

The ADOS movement is dogmatically committed to the obsolete ideology of integration that has transformed into a cult-like nationalism that has become the treadmill of negro politics, this slave mentality, this condo negro chaos cements itself into an apolitical analysis. ADOS mirror the underdeveloped bourgeoise Frantz Fanon was talking about after independence:

“After independence, the underdeveloped bourgeoisie, reduced in number lacking capital and rejecting the road to revolution, stagnate miserably.”           

The call for reparations is often synonymous with Black liberation, Black institution building, a revolutionary transformation of the current political paradigm. What the American DOS movement has become, is a demand for reparations to live the American dream. This he black conservatism that has defined the black mis-leadership class. They are conserving European culture and are dogmatic in their delusional commitment to integration. The American DOS movement demanding reparations mirrors the national bourgeoisie in “The Wretched of the Earth” demanding nationalization, Frantz Fanon says:

“Yet the national bourgeoisie never stops calling for the nationalization of the economy and the commercial sector. In its thinking, to nationalize does not mean organizing the state on the basis of a new program of social relations. For the bourgeoisie, nationalization signifies very precisely the transfer into indigenous hands of privileges inherited from the colonial period”.

The privileges that the national bourgeoise wants with the nationalization of the economy is the same privileges ADOS want with reparations. They have no intention of dismantling capitalism and global white domination they seek financial reparations to become black elites who can exploit the black masses. The conclusion of ADOS would be the same results as the national bourgeoisie in Algeria who wanted to nationalize the economy for their personal financial benefits. Fanon predicted neocolonialism in Africa and Earl Ofari predicted the intentions of groups like ADOS seeking reparations, Ofari states:

“Financial reparations, employed for the purpose of supporting business, could serve as a main cog in the black elite’s design to control the black communities. Even more, the reparations effort is nothing but another version of the neo-black elite’s campaign to obtain corporate funds for black business…In the end, financial reparations would have the same effect as that of the various corporate-neo-black-elite alliances. It would serve to maintain an illusory power for the neo-black elite and the subjugation of the black masses.”

We often find that the situation in America runs parallel with the situation in South Africa, the EFF is speaking on land expropriation, ADOS is speaking on financial reparations, and the Black Radical organizations are speaking on complete revolution and reparations. What is troubling with the reparations dialogue is even if we get concessions what stops us from getting Bantustans like our people in South Africa. Considering the desperation of the political dialogue from black people seeking immediate financial compensation, we must consider the wisdom of Steven Biko on Bantustans:

Steve Biko

“Geographically, i.e. in terms of land distribution, bantustans present a gigantic fraud that can find no moral support from any quarters. We find that 20% of the population is in control of 87% of the land while 80% “control” only 13%. To make this situation even more ridiculous, not one so-called “Bantustan nations” have an intact piece of land. All of them are scattered little bits of the most unyielding soil. In each area the more productive bits of the most unyielding soil. In each area, the more productive bits are white-controlled islands on which white farms or other types of industry are situated.

He continues:

“The actual intentions of the bantustan practices are the following:

To create a false sense of hope amongst the black people so that any further attempt by blacks to collectively enunciate their aspirations should be dampened. To offer a new but false direction in the struggle of the Black people. By making it difficult to get even 13% of the land the powers that be are separating our “struggles” into eight different struggles for eight false freedoms that were prescribed long ago. This has also the overall effect of making us forget about 87% of the land is in white hands. To cheat the outside world into believing that there is some validity in the multinational theory so that South Africa can now go back into international competition and hostility that is bound to come up so that the collective strength and resistance of the black people can be fragmented.”

Look at the parallel between what the South African government offered the Bantu with the Bantustans and the reparations proposal from people like Mariane Williamson’s 500 billion dollar reparations proposal, to Sandy Darity’s 17 trillion dollar proposal for 30 million ADOS, to the agenda that demands that only ADOS get reparations and deny benefits to all other groups concerning not just reparations but affirmative action as well. An ADOS aphorism is “ We need a black agenda”, we had a black agenda with the UNIA, we had a black agenda with both the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. Even South Africans who opposed the Bantustans had a black agenda, Steven Biko said:

“What most people miss is the fact that what we want is well known to the enemy and that the bantustan theory was designed precisely to prevent us from getting what we want. The authors of the system know it best and they give us any concessions we may demand according to a plan rearranged by them.”

Steven Biko knew what we wanted just like Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Frantz Fanon, and Carlos Cooks knew. We want the ability to create a government on our own terms, we want to create an economic system where we control the land and natural resources of Africa on our terms, we want to develop a revolutionary African culture on our terms. That’s our Black Agenda.

The American Negro that Malcolm X talked about in his Michigan state speech, who identified completely with America, is precisely who American DOS are. They guard the plantation with the enthusiasm of Stephen from Django, I call em’ cousin Stephen ass negroes lol. Carter G. Woodson once said, “When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.” When cousin Stephen ass negroes are in a position of power, the U.S. empire doesn’t have to worry about the actions of American DOS. We think they want reparations to close the racial wealth gap in the name of justice when really they want to climb the ladder of capitalism to be an elite class under capitalism. Frantz Fanon exposes their true intentions with his analysis of the national bourgeoisie:

“The national bourgeoisie discovers its historical mission as intermediary. As we have seen, its vocation is not to transform the nation but prosaically serve as a conveyor belt for capitalism, forced to camouflage itself behind the mask of neocolonialism. The national bourgeoisie, with no misgivings and with great pride, revels in the role of agent in its dealings with the Western bourgeoisie.”

The American DOS, the condo kneegrows, the cousin Stephen ass kneegrows. They are anti-immigration, pro-capitalist, and proud American patriots. The American DOS are the tea party of the black community. Interesting how Carnell dismissed the analysis of Dr. Ball when he said ‘African America is a colony under imperialism” because Frantz Fanon explained the pathology of American DOS in a colonial context:

“At the core of the national bourgeoisie of the colonial countries, a hedonistic mentality prevails—because on a psychological it identifies with the Western Bourgeoisie from which it slurped every lesson.”

The American DOS Movement is the petit bourgeoisie that is angry that they don’t have the same agency as the negro elite who access to our oppressors and have more money than the petit bourgeoisie. What’s confusing is that the American DoS will co-opt Black radicalism so they can get more resources to enter the black elite they often condemn. Both the petit-bourgeoise(condo kneegrows) and the negro elite(Mansion kneegrows) have neocolonial aspirations. The negro elite competes with the with the white elite but also is the class enemy to the working class black person. Just like the American DOS movement aka the petit bourgeoisie that sees Africans throughout the diaspora as their enemy. Frantz Fanon articulated these complex issues between aspiring black elites, black elites, and the colonizers they want to replace:

“The urban proletariat, the unemployed masses, the small artisans, those commonly called small traders, side with this nationalist attitude; but, in all justice, they are merely modeling their attitude on that of their bourgeoisie. Whereas the national bourgeoisie competes with the Europeans, the artisans and small traders pick fights with Africans of other nationalities.” 

American DOS used to identify as native black they said identifying as African is escapism, this obsession with wealth granting humanity makes them think their submission will turn into immediate reparations. They wanna profit off powerlessness. American DOS have devolved like the national bourgeoisie and then the urban proletariat Frantz Fanon described:

“We have switched from nationalism, ultranationalism, chauvinism and racism.”

Blackness is rooted in self-determination it’s the resistance of everything that this omnicidal empire represents we’ve never felt like this is our country, our government, our military. We’ve always felt like captives trying to create Africa wherever we were. This is the essence of Black Radicalism and Pan-Africanism. Dr. Huey Newton described perfectly our relationship to this country as black people:

Dr. Huey P. Newton

“We believe that Black Americans are the first real internationalists, not just the Black Panther Party but Black Americans. We are internationalists because we have been internationally dispersed by slavery, and we can easily identify with other cultures. Because of slavery, we never felt attached to the nation in the same way that the peasant was attached to the soil in Russia. We are always a long way from home.”

It’s natural for black people to have an international political agenda, a Pan-African political agenda, it’s not only strategically smart to align with the African diaspora but it gives us a cultural, political, intellectual and economic power base. This ADOS movement makes us even more powerless than we already are and is an example of how self-hatred decimates our politics. Dr. Amos N. Wilson perfectly describes the identity crisis of ADOS:

“..violence represents quests for power and outraged against a sense of powerlessness and insignificance. They are protective fetishes used to defend against feelings of helplessness and vulnerability.”

Black Radicality can never be rooted in American Patriotism only self-hatred. Malcolm X warned us about people who reject Africa:

“In hating the Africans, we ended up hating ourselves, without even realizing it. Because you can’t hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree. You can’t hate your origin and not end up hating yourself. You can’t hate Africa and not hate yourself.”   

Black people in America and Africans in Africa are fighting the same empire that is the United States. Black people in Chicago don’t control the resources in Chicago, any more than Nigerians control the resources in Nigeria. Like the great revolutionary Nigerian artist, Fela Kuti said, “No Black person was consulted in the creation of Nigeria.” We have to start to come to terms with that colonialism in Africa was just as dehumanizing as chattel slavery. Chinweizu reminds us “We’re both victims of different types and capacities from the same war, created by the same enemy, so we shouldn’t allow that to get between us.”

Stop identifying with colonial borders, work to build international ties throughout the African diaspora. Connect with our people in South America, Africa, Asia, the Islands. It’s time we work toward global land reform, end land ownership, and seize the means of production. We have to fight this petty tribalism of the ADOS, and we must have an international political agenda like Kwame Ture, Malcolm X, Walter Rodney, Amilcar Cabral, and so many more. In his essay “Uniting Against A Common Enemy” Huey Newton told us:

“If we believe that we are brothers with the people of Mozambique how can we help? They need arms and other material aid. We have no weapons to give. We have no money for materials. Then how do we help? Or, how can they help our struggle? They cannot fight for us. We cannot fight in their place. We can each narrow territory that our common oppressor occupies. We can liberate ourselves, learning from and teaching each other along the way. But the is struggle one; the enemy is the same. Eventually, we and our brothers in Mozambique, in all of Africa, throughout the world can discuss without boundaries national ties. We will have a human culture, a human language, the earth will be our territory, serving all our interests, serving the interests of the people.”  


  1. The Active Activist

    You are partially right. #ADOS is partially right. People are talking past each other. People are preaching to their own choirs. Think pieces like this are good, but no minds are being changed, and no one is being won over. No one person or group has the authority to dictate to the rest of us what will happen. We need to get in a room as Black American people and debate all the talking points on the merits. I’m calling for a National Reparations Convention on neutral ground to do just that. I already have a venue.

    Diaspora focused or Black American focused going forward? Capitalism or socialism? Integration or segregation? These things can be argued for and against, and we can all vote on them. We have to agree to respect the legitimate results beforehand. Anyone who doesn’t will not be allowed to participate. The time for all this online mudslinging is over. It’s time to work.

  2. and especial thank you very referring to oft neglected but brilliant work by Wilhelm Reich The Mass psychology of Fascism. a book more than any other so far have captured the authoritarian personality y of “mass individual” as he ca coined it. Great critique and referential quality. Peace

  3. Conal Bashiri Rose

    Thank you, Christopher Marshall for a most worthy of attention article, full of compelling references and quotes.

    ADOS- American Descendants of Slavery or their more accurate acronym, ADOS= Aways Dumb Outrageous Shit,

    lends credence to Dr. Martin Luther King’s notable quote: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere

    ignorance and conscientious Stupidity”!

  4. Born E. L. Allah

    PEACE. Nice and Insight into the form and chaos of the #ADOS/#FBA. Peace

  5. Etta Sand-Byers

    Bringing substinance to the table is vital. The individuals who pose as black radical for african thought are far fetched and need to be brought to the forefront. Interesting how retired ones comment on such a read but deon’t do anything to surpass the lead left to us by Garvey, Clarke, Welsing and other who really made it clear to understand that PanAfrican morals are vital to knowing our place.

  6. Danette Sands

    Very lengthy piece of reading but worthwhile. I know of some brothers who sit on the side reading comentaries such as this and calling us out but don’t really know what is what to be in the front line of the BPP or SNCC! Walking the walk is so much different from talking the talk so some of us need to retire from lackluster conversations and actually get into forefront as the state of Pan Africanism needs reliving. Unfortunately many of our past orators are now ancestors but we must always “preach” the words of Garvey, Clarke, Welsing and other profound individuals.

  7. Oooh boy

  8. curtismurphy

    Christopher Marshall, I think you should put aside your assault on ADOS and search how Africa became dominated by europeans. After you do the research then re-write your article for the corrections to things you thought but you learned different from actually experiencing Africa first hand. Thanks

  9. wise bassline

    Need a new cereal box GPS locator….this one keeps registering ‘dude’s all over the map’…..

  10. world historical

    As Miles advised Coltrane when he was struggling with his lengthy solos and how to extricate himself from them when he rambled, he rasped, “the first thing to do is remove the mouthpiece from your mouth!”…..nuff said.

  11. Gershom Williams

    This article is contains profound historical and political insight! It seemed rather lengthy because I read it on my cell phone screen…Would love to own a copy of the printed piece…Prof. Gershom Williams

  12. Roger G Williams

    Wow! What an amazing read. I think this post serves not only as a useful tool to combat ADOS-ism, but also a primer on the historical and cultural contexts of African Diasporan unity.

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