By largely ignoring questions of “why” he was killed the new Netflix documentary “Who Killed Malcolm X?” largely ignores the important politics and ideas that made Malcolm X a symbol to this day of international revolutionary struggle.




  1. As we approach the 55th anniversary of Malcolm X’s ‘martyrdom’, note this piece @ the Kennedys&King website by Jim Douglas [author the ‘JFK & the Unspeakable’]: ‘The Murder & Martyrdom of Malcolm X’ @
    – It’s lengthy but thorough & names other USG agencies involvement w the plot to ‘neutralize’ Malcolm, besides the FBI, CIA & BOSSI.

  2. Well, you assembled a team to counter the Marable book and now you all have to produce a 6 episode documentary next. Right? I’m sure you or some one has mentioned this to you in the past week. “Why Was Malcolm X Killed?”

  3. The producers and writers of the Netflix mini- TV series documentary film: “Who Killed Malcolm X”, could’ve used a shot of realism supplied by African American journalist, novelist, and editor- William Gardner Smith who spoke forthrightly on the Why aspect in the killing of Malcolm X:

    “Leaders of fascist imperialism who control the invisible government of the United States… saw Malcolm X for what he was- the most dangerous man, from their standpoint, in the whole of the United States… What they saw in Malcolm X… was the man who was going to make a contribution to the anti- capitalist revolution in the USA.

    Malcolm did not believe in the privileges of the chosen minority of the black population. He fought for all of his people who form an ‘internal colony’ in the United States…And, as his political sense matured, Malcolm did something else- the thing that signed his death warrant. He discovered and proclaimed the great dangerous truth. — ‘you cannot win if you fight according to their rules, you cannot win under capitalism; you must join the world revolution against imperialism. ‘Practice without thought is blind; thought without practice is empty’ equals a great truth he discovered…

    He took steps to link up the African American struggle with the liberation movement in revolutionary Africa…His ultimate aim, roughly speaking was to form an African American equivalent of the Algerian National Liberation Front… America’s invisible rulers knew this, because their agents had penetrated his organization. So they condemned him to death.”

    [ The Spark: Feb. 26, 1965; frt. pg.
    article headed "Who Killed Malcolm
    X by William Gardner Smith - Feb.
    6, 1927- Nov. 5, 1974. Excerpted
    from "Malcolm X Visits Abroad" by
    Marika Sherwood].

  4. Netflix should be called Netfix because the disturbing and distorting views never cover the truth of Malcolm X. This company just joins with other that speculate and then try to calculate off his legacy with substance. Most persons find it easier to blame a person rather than delve in to factors of the situation

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