Black Power Couplehood and Crisis Edu Therapy

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Joining us for this episode are: Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka Being in love with hair her whole life, Dr. Afiya grew up as her family’s hairstylist, graduating from lawn chairs at cookouts to eventually holding space in her college dorm room for a mini-salon. The conversations during the hair care process were her favorite part! Her trait of being a skillful active listener and creative translated smoothly to the field of psychology, earning her degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Howard University. At the age of 26, Dr. Afiya earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and was a full time therapist at Columbia University. She is now a professor and head of the Psychology Program at the University of the District of Columbia. Dr. Afiya is a natural hairstylist at N Natural Hair Studio in Silver Spring, Maryland where she loves creating art with locs, twists, and afros.


T’Shango Mbilishaka is a husband and Afrikan freedom fighter who has been hiding out as an award-winning teacher for over a decade and a half. He has taught in Black communities in Boston, Washington D.C. and Maryland, and has held positions in almost every grade level, from pre-K to college. He has a tremendous track record of producing young Black scholars who are hard workers, have good character, a thorough understanding of African history and culture and have strategic victorious mindsets.


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Author: Jared Ball
Emancipatory Journalism & Media Jared A. Ball is a father and husband. After that he is a professor of Media and Africana Studies and produces multimedia for > Dr. Jared A. Ball

1 thought on “Black Power Couplehood and Crisis Edu Therapy

  1. What a beautiful, beautifully centered, couple (complementary pair). I have always been in awe of their individual and collective work in service to Afrikan people and have great expectations of what they have yet to bring, individually and together. Abibifahodie.

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