Black Studies Matters Series created in collaboration with Drs. Iyelli Ichile (Prince George’s Community College), Quito Swan (The William Monroe Trotter Institute, UMASS Boston), Jared Ball (African-American / African Diaspora Studies AAAD, Morgan State University, Mark Bolden and Otis Williams (African Psychology Student Association, Bowie State University)

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  1. Conal Bashiri Rose

    It is only those who fear the truth that oppose it’s exposure

    Professor John Henrik Clarke, a giant proponent of Africana Studies says– “Everything that touches your life, must be an instrument of your liberation or tossed into the trashcans of History”.

    “The task before the African both at home and abroad is to restore to their memory what slavery and colonialism made them forget. Part of the program of their conqueror, and every conqueror

    for that matter, is to make a people forget how they ruled themselves politically, educationally and philosophically before the conqueror arrived. In most of Africa this job was so complete, it was

    tantamount to a brain transplant. The best example of this academic mind – altering propaganda is in the massive attempt to prove that they had nothing in their life worthy of being called

    “history” before the coming of the conquerors. The late Caribbean writer and activist, Richard Moore, has reminded us that no such massive effort would have gone into denying a history that

    was not there”. [ A forward excerpt by Dr. Clarke from Jacob H. Carruthers’ book: ‘MDW NTR’; Divine Speech, 1995 ].

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