Let’s talk about my movie idea. E3 and Below is a tale about the real U.S. Navy, a version no Top Gun film can depict.

(0:00) Stream start
(11:08) Work With Me! Don’t Steal This Idea!
(13:00) Why “E3 And Below”
(15:55) The Vernon Philosophy Contradicted
(24:00) No Pentagon Support
(25:32) The USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 and Carrier Life
(43:30) I Am Top Gun!
(48:00) Scandalous Recruitment
(53:00) Fraudulent Enlistment
(54:48) Boot Camp
(1:05:00) Guantanamo Bay
(1:06:00) “I Don’t Like Niggers.”
(1:10:30) Shipping Out to Desert Storm
(1:16:30) Turkey, Ship’s TV and the Politics of Film
(1:30:40) Seeing Colin Powell
(1:31:20) Trash Salute
(1:34:20) Devolving Humanity
(1:37:07) Homosexuality On Board
(1:38:00) Guess Jews Coming To Dinner
(1:49:35) My Father Died Tonight and I Am Committing a Homicide
(1:57:28) Hangin’ With Seals
(2:03:57) Christmas at Sea and My Lying Division Officer
(2:07:15) No Sun For 3 Months
(2:22:23) Blown Overboard (Almost)
(2:28:03) PTSD and Wild Leadership
(2:40:30) Shout-outs To and the Contradictions of Enlisted Service

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