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Book Review: A Black Radical Intellectual Hero Writes, And Scholars Rescue, A Victory-Tinged History

Walter Rodney’s notes of his 1970-1971 lectures have been shaped into a book by Robin D.G. Kelly, Jesse Benjamin and Vijay Prashad. In this book, the professor Walter Rodney and his Tanzanian students are studying the possible future of Africa by studying the past victories and mistakes of Europe, since Marxism was being tested across the African mainland and around the world.

Book Review: Ron Walters, Power Man

Ronald W. Walters and the Fight for Black Power, 1969-2010. Robert C. Smith. State University of New York Press, 354 pp., $34.95. Reviewed by Todd Steven Burroughs Dr. Ronald Walters presenting at the "Africana @ 40" Conference in 2010 at the Africana Studies and...

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