Looking to Trevor Noah as Media Studies

The leadership of our School of Global Journalism and Communication at Morgan State University has encouraged that professors like myself find ways this semester to incorporate into our work the new book Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah. Noah is the South African-born, biracial, Colored comedian and host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Copies have been distributed to students and faculty alike and I anticipate there being a flurry of engagement for courses in media studies as Noah’s book has plenty to offer.


The 4th Annual Hate Awards!

* The 4th Annual Unsanctioned - Back From Exile - No Exodus - Bah Humbug - Winter Solstice - Gregorian Calendar New Year – We Told You So- Post-Deconstruction - South Hampton Nat Turned Up Rebellion - Antebellum and Ante-Up Hate Awards The Hate Awards are an annual millennial satirical look at all that inspires and prevents revolution and liberation from 2016 to antiquity. The rules are simple: Everyone can get it & Hate Harder.


Genocide by Radio and the Clear The Airwaves Project

Kwabena Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli of the Clear the Airwaves Project joined us to discuss the politics of radio, the relationship between lived condition and media environment and movements occurring around the country to rid radio of "the wratchet."