Month: June 2010


Dr. Greg Thomas was with us this hour of Jazz and Justice to discuss the anti-colonialism in his work. Thomas offers important answers to questions of the representation of the work of Frantz Fanon, the absence of George Jackson in liberation literature, the “sex radicalism” of Lil’ Kim, the colonialist impulses in contemporary “Hip-Hop Studies,” […]


Mi  Say WAR: Hip-Hop vs. The Bourgeois West … and ‘Hip-Hop Studies’? (A Review of Tricia Rose’s The Hip-Hop Wars, For Example) by  Greg Thomas   “It’s bigger than religion Hip-Hop It’s bigger than my nigga Hip-Hop It’s bigger than the government   [Erykah Badu, “The Healer / Hip-Hop” (2008)] And it’s much bigger than academic criticism, for sure. Sylvia […]


Salute first to the voices and the ideas they represent: Malcolm X, John Henrik Clarke, Barbara Sizemore, Kwame Ture, Marimba Ani, Fred Hampton, Kathleen Cleaver, James Turner, Cyrus. Thanks also to The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble for their “War” track.