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The Expansion Project!

The iMWiL! collective is continuing to evolve toward becoming a fully multimedia and liberated masses media public sphere incorporating the philosophy of emancipatory journalism.  Please subscribe and stay tuned!

"... you have to be willing to subject to the rapier knife of revolutionary criticism if you are serious about creating a revolution." – Safiya Bukhari

From the Crew

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Nationwide Launch of the People’s Congress of Resistance

Thousands gathered live and virtually to launch the People’s Congress of Resistance which will hold its first gathering September 16-17, …

Closest Ears to the Street – Episode 2!

In this edition Sisa talks Alicia Keys, #BlackGirlMagic, Black History Month, Sovereignty the Board Game and Women's History Month

Closest Ears to the Street / Episode 1 / Pilot

Featuring host, producer and researcher Sisa this new project is a news, politics and entertainment show by and for young people. In this, episode 1 (pilot), Sisa covers her namesake, Bartolina Sisa and Indigenous Women's Day, interviews Marley Ball and talks about dj sensation Dj Kool Flash.

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