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Murdering Fred Hampton and Black Power with Bruce Dixon and Todd Steven Burroughs

Coming on the heels of the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Fred Hampton (December 4, 1969) and the 45th … 3 446
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The Importance of Edward S. Herman: An Interview with Chris Simpson

Chris Simpson, professor of media/communication studies and former advisee of the late Edward S. Herman joined us to discuss the … 0 53
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An Introductory Critical Media Literacy (Video) Mixtape

The iMWiL! Introductory Critical Media Literacy (Video) Mixtape features interviews with Janine Jackson, Kali Akuno, Joy James, Claude Marks, Safiya Umoja … 3 238
Broadcasts, iMWiL!, Media Criticism, The Myth of Black "Buying Power"

The Pitfalls of (Black) Capitalism and Banking

Joining us in this edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE! for a discussion of myths and political pitfalls associated with concepts of “buying … 1 1059
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Hip-Hop’s Still Troubled Narrative (or A Requiem for C. Delores Tucker)

This was a brief talk, based on the following work, given at this year’s Hip-Hop Pedagogy Conference held at LaGuardia … 5 1256

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Race, Sports and Popular Culture: Richard Spencer, Eminem and Colin Kaepernick

It was a pleasure joining Eugene Puryear once again on his show By Any Means Necessary: “In the second segment … 1035

Support Grassroots Initiatives In Puerto Rico!

The following statement/call from Iris Morales was republished with permission   Dear Friends,   I recently returned from Puerto Rico … 929

3 Reasons Why Eminem Is Not Wise Intelligent

3 quick reasons why Eminem‘s latest freestyle against Donald Trump does not rise to the political or lyrical standard set … 1510

“Black Identity Extremists” Targeted by the FBI

Dhoruba bin-Wahad was back with us to discuss the political and historical context of this latest report that the FBI … 1512

Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Obama Embedded Journalist, Wokes 🙂 (Or, How Trump’s Big White Lifesaver Pulled Him Out From Drowning In Kool-Aid)

We caught up briefly with Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs to discuss his recent review (see below) of the new book … 1486

American Capitalism, Black Banking and Political Power

Listen in to this engaging and illuminating conversation on Black banks and the nature of wealth and political power, inspired by … 1502

Uwenzi: The Pan-African Factor

Dr. Baruti Katembo joined us to discuss a new book he co-authored, Uwenzi: The Pan-African Factor, A 21st Century View. … 1453

All Violence Considered

Dr. Ollie Johnson was a guest recently on Detroit radio for an important discussion of the historical role of violence in … 1130

Youth Media Initiative

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Closest Ears to the Street – Episode 2!

In this edition Sisa talks Alicia Keys, #BlackGirlMagic, Black History Month, Sovereignty the Board Game and Women's History Month

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