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Martin Luther King and Deep State Politics with Dr. Cynthia McKinney

Six-time congresswoman from Georgia, former Green Party Presidential nominee and professor Cynthia McKinney joined us for an introductory conversation about … 1 171
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The Heat is On! Florida Prisoners Receive No Protection From Deadly Heat

by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson In the Heat of the Moment  On June 22, 2017 I was transferred from the Texas … 0 50
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Dr. King Must Never Be Remembered

Editorial Note: The following is meant to summarize our collective approach to the study of the life, media portrayal and … 4 198
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A Whitened Media Shaped by Bill Clinton’s Telecom Act Misses Reasons for Hillary’s Defeat

The following is excerpted from A Whitened Media Shaped by Bill Clinton’s Telecom Act Misses Reasons for Hillary’s Defeat by Jon … 2 59
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Florida Prisoners Are Laying It Down

by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson During early 2018 prisoners across Florida are gonna “laydown” in nonviolent protest of the intolerable conditions … 0 117

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End Prison Slavery in Texas Now! (2018)

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington the Deputy Chairman of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, Prison Chapter, Texas Region.  More information about … 82

Stokely: A Review of ‘Our Premier Interpreter’ of Black Power Studies

As we gear up for a 2018 year-long commemoration of Black Power (and much more…) it is worth revisiting some … 801

2017: A Pop Cultural Year In Review

Had the pleasure of being back on Sputnik Radio‘s By Any Means Necessary where as they summarize: In the final … 84

An Interview With Boots Riley


V.I. Lenin and the Russian Revolution

As 2017, the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution, draws to a close we thought it a good time … 514

The 5th Annual Hate Awards

The We Plead No 5th Annual, 2017, Make America Hate Again, Winter Solstice, Bah Humbug, Free-Range Vegan Soul Media,  Not … 256

The Mutating Immutable: Black, Mixed, Bi-Racial

Panama Jackson of Very Smart Brothas joined us to discuss the shifting dynamics and politics around being “mixed” and “Black.” 112

Zimbabwe In Context with Netfa Freeman

We discussed the historical context of the recent shift in leadership in Zimbabwe with veteran activist, organizer and journalist Netfa … 126
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Closest Ears to the Street – Episode 2!

In this edition Sisa talks Alicia Keys, #BlackGirlMagic, Black History Month, Sovereignty the Board Game and Women's History Month

Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Obama Embedded Journalist, Wokes 🙂


All Violence Considered


Branding Power & Unpopularity


Looking to Trevor Noah as Media Studies


Class and The Movement for Black Lives


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