I Have a Dream vs. I Have a Drone: Dr. King v. Barack Obama


Margaret Kimberley, senior editor and commentator with BlackAgendaReport.com, joined us this week to honor Dr. King and discuss the many attempts to construct a fraudulent lineage between King, the movement to which he belonged and Barack Obama.*  As Obama and his handlers attempt yet again to pose the president as an heir to King’s legacy many of the important […]

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A Super Funky Soul Power Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke


We spent this hour in tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Our guests included Drs. James Turner, Marimba Ani, Greg Carr and Mark Bolden all of whom engaged in a commemorative reflection on the life, work, lineage and prescience of Dr. Clarke whose 98th birthday just passed on the first of the year. Dr. Clarke […]

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