It’s Like That – Son of Nun Video/Mini-Doc

The latest video and Baltimore activism mini-documentary from Son of Nun and Bashi Rose!


Closest Ears to the Street / Episode 1 / Pilot

Featuring host, producer and researcher Sisa this new project is a news, politics and entertainment show by and for young people. In this, episode 1 (pilot), Sisa covers her namesake, Bartolina Sisa and Indigenous Women's Day, interviews Marley Ball and talks about dj sensation Dj Kool Flash.


The 4th Annual Hate Awards!

* The 4th Annual Unsanctioned - Back From Exile - No Exodus - Bah Humbug - Winter Solstice - Gregorian Calendar New Year – We Told You So- Post-Deconstruction - South Hampton Nat Turned Up Rebellion - Antebellum and Ante-Up Hate Awards The Hate Awards are an annual millennial satirical look at all that inspires and prevents revolution and liberation from 2016 to antiquity. The rules are simple: Everyone can get it & Hate Harder.