Emancipatory Journalism

An Open Letter from Original Black Panther Party Members to Black (Hip-Hop) Artists Who Have an Interest in Our Community (T.I., KILLER MIKE, CARDI B, KANYE WEST, BEYONCE’, JAY-Z, P-DIDDY, LUDACRIS, 50-CENT, and others)

Greetings and Solidarity to each of you.  In recognition of your individual voice, influence, and cultural following among current generations of Black people/Africans in the Diaspora and on the...

Fantasies vs. Nightmares, Prison Abolition vs. Medical Genocide: As The “Free Mumia” Movement Prepares To Celebrate His Birthday, A Cruel, Late April Fool’s Joke About Abu-Jamal Possibly Having COVID-19 Symptoms Backfires

The harassment of radical senior citizen Mumia Abu-Jamal continues, even during a pandemic. It's not enough that's he's been in jail for almost 40 years (he turns 66 on April 24). Now Pennsylvania...