Dr. Ronald Walters was among the most honest, hard-working and supportive scholars whose work in African American politics was unparalleled.  He was a prolific author, counsel to political elites, a supporter of nearly every Black college student on the east coast (if not the country) and as comfortable speaking to power as he was speaking with the powerless.  It was an honor to be a contributor to the last book written/edited by Dr. Ronald Walters.  It was also an honor to be present at one of his last public appearances and to hear the wisdom and direction he was still developing and offering.  We’ve finally begun to make available some of the video from the “Africana @ 40” conference which took place in April of 2010 at the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell University.  Here is part one of the keynote lecture delivered during that conference by Dr. Walters.  Commemorate and enjoy!

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