Month: August 2011


Taken together, “I Mix What I Like’s” jewels represent a compelling assessment of the status not only of African America, but also of its colonial master.* – Dr. Brian Sims “Expecting there to be a sanctioned press from among the colonized that poses journalistic challenges to established power is simply irrational.” – Jared Ball *This […]


The Dr. King Memorial and The Burial of a Movement Jared A. Ball Dr. King and the liberation movement he represents will again suffer a brutal blow this week when all are permanently entombed under the violent euphemism of “memorial.”  The dedication of this $120 million stone sculpture is to be a national tribute to […]


Mass Media and African Sovereignty Jared Ball It is always appropriate for a people to question the status of their sovereignty.  It seems especially timely during the month of August, or as some refer to it, Black August; the time when we commemorate the Black liberation struggle, prison reform movement and political prisoners.  This past […]