Black August and Crises of Hip-Hop as Euphemism


Again, as we roll into the month of August we’d like to begin our tribute of Black August a bit early… If you didn’t know already, let me be the first to tell you that there is indeed a crisis in hip-hop politics and intellectualism.  It is a crisis of separation, a crisis of deracination […]

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Porn and Mail: New Media, Same Old Sh!t


It may be an emerging technology but the internet isn’t changing a thing. I don’t mean literally of course. The internet is changing the primary format of communication and it is certainly changing the way our brains work, the way synapses grow, and has definitely impacted our ability to concentrate or to stay focused. But […]

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Bradley {Chelsea} Manning, Political Imprisonment and the Myopia of the Left


*Originally published July 13, 2011 / Black Agenda Report and before Bradley became Chelsea Manning Bradley Manning, Political Imprisonment and the Myopia of the Left Jared Ball As long as we continue to allow the United States to function as an empire it will.  And as long as it treats many of its own “citizens” […]

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The Music Industry Reloads: It’s Not Dead Because We Didn’t Kill It!


The Music Industry Reloads: It’s Not Dead Because We Didn’t Kill It! by Jared A. Ball* Look around and you will find no shortage of people describing what they call “the death of the music industry.”  Music sales are down and, therefore, the industry is done.  On the political Left this is a great thing […]

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The 4th of July, Hip-Hop and National “Inattentional Blindness”


Say what you want about the level of resistance to this country’s wonderfully constructed image and mythology, that which it creates about itself or those it holds in check; but hip-hop is a leading force in that fight.  In fact, without hip-hop very little of the symbolism or artistic expression of radical resistance to the […]

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NPR and Payola


In I MiX What I Like! there is an attempt made to expand the context in which we see or interpret National Public Radio (NPR) and the issue of payola or “pay-for-play” radio.  In a rare instance of news reporting honesty these two topics were combined as NPR this week discussed payola and the development […]

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