1. Thanks for the query, Jerry. The people who are cited are mostly listed, discussed, or imaged. If you have a specific reference question about a particular part of the presentation, I can share that. What is likely more expedient is a search of the IMWIL site for the actual people listed in the presentation. Many of the folks are interviewed here and their works will accompany those interviews either in text or audio. If not, then the next thing would be a quick search by name. For instance, Dr. Sambu’s work could be is referenced here https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2889559.Kipkoeech_araap_Sambu

    The convention movement in the beginning is a longer list of references but begin with the question of why Africans are in the U.S.?

    Reply with any specifics and hopefully I’ll get back with the answers.

  2. Peace. You are asking me but I did not deliver this presentation. I’m sure the works of Fanon and Wilson would stand as the sources. But, again, I did not give this talk.

  3. Dr. Ball, I would love to reference some of these literary works. Not to be a bugaboo but is there anyway to link or cite some of these literary sources on the page?

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