Ahati Kilindi Iyi and The African Fighting Sciences

The clarity of his analysis, strength and breadth of his scholarship, and deep thought is evidence of a sebayi. Having witnessed Ahati Kilindi demonstrate his martial skill, it is clear that his is an applied science as well, much more than a talking head academic. While some stories that he shares seem improbable, as he notes, … Continue reading Ahati Kilindi Iyi and The African Fighting Sciences


What’s Not to Hate?

Recently I was asked to submit 4-700 words to The Progressive on Adam Levine’s “I hate this country” remark.  To see the edited version of those comments you can check their website.  For the unedited original simply see below. —————————— What’s Not to Hate? Jared A. Ball “When a man is sad over his miserable conditions he does nothing… Sadness … Continue reading What’s Not to Hate?