The clarity of his analysis, strength and breadth of his scholarship, and deep thought is evidence of a sebayi. Having witnessed Ahati Kilindi demonstrate his martial skill, it is clear that his is an applied science as well, much more than a talking head academic. While some stories that he shares seem improbable, as he notes, he has done the things that modern science says are impossible. As you listen to the interview, listen for the deep traditions of the African way. His is not the colonial Africa, but the villages where the power and vitality of the immortal, ancestral African traditions live. We give thanks for the gracious interview provided by Ahati Kilindi and Jared Ball for providing the recording equipment. This is but one of the latest in a series of interviews on the Psychology of the African Warrior project conducted by Esi Ramu and Dr. Darlene DeFour since 2007.

Masters of the Martial Arts – Wesley Snipes (Kilindi Iyi is featured at the 14th minute)


  1. I like to apologize for my statement about Mr. Iyi.. He is a positive force within our community. I hope he continues to prosper and I will continue to support him.
    Surivis Lion

  2. Dear Mr Iyi. I’ve noticed that you unfriended me from facebook. I am very disappointed considering that I have came up with some great ideas for black America. I assumed that you were a conscious black man but it is clear that you are not that type of brother. Remember that rage and ignorance are the black man’s biggest enemy. Don’t fall into that category and find solutions. I wish you luck with your future but you clearly have room for much growth.

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