Hip-Hop’s Worldviews w Jeff Chang and Dr. Dawn Elissa-Fischer

Jared Ball

Author and journalist Jeff Chang along with Dr. Dawn Elissa-Fischer joined the show this week to discuss hip-hop activism, politics and ideology. We also talked a bit about mixtapes, hip-hop in Japan, as well as, gave a quick birthday shout out to Prince!


And with his permission we offer the companion mixtape to Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. This mixtape is brilliant in its presentation of hip-hop history, is extremely valuable as a teaching tool and as a reminder of the importance and genius of the under-appreciated mixtape tradition.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: The Next Lesson


From the website:

The mixtape was “produced by me [Jeff Chang], mixed by DJ D-Sharp and DJ Icewater and features the voices of the pioneers, readings by the Quannum fam…”

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