With all the recent fuss over the man – instead of what should be praise or study – we thought it appropriate to re-post our interview with the late, great Derrick Bell.  All he did was tell the truth…  “If the nation’s policies towards blacks were revised to require weekly, random round-ups of several hundred blacks who were then taken to a secluded place and shot, that policy would be more dramatic, but hardly different in result, than the policies now in effect, which most of us feel powerless to change.”  Derrick Bell joined the show this week.*  A founder of Critical Race Theory, leading legal expert and law professor Bell discussed the law and its role in the “permanence of racism.” All this plus many more surprises in this week’s “redux.”

*Originally aired July 3, 2008

Derrick Bell Part One
Derrick Bell Part Two


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  3. Thank you for all of the valuable recorded knowledge that you share with us Dr J. As was noted most of us have no knowledge of self so your information is priceless. I was ready to dig into in the piece from the Late Elder Bell but the audio was poor throughout. Can that info be reworked, too valuable not to be heard

    • Peace unto

       it needs to be realised and remembered that the Windrush Horror highlighted between 2014 and 2019 speaks to The Racial Contract subjecting nonwhite bodies to this epistemic closure and ideological violence along with the accompanying policing (surveillance). It is this context of captivity that has to be challenged for it creates this condition of global terror:

       “the only workable method of controlling immigration from the Commonwealth without either bringing such immigration to a virtual standstill or ostensibly discriminating against immigrants on a basis of colour […it] would apply equally to all parts of the Commonwealth, without distinction on ground of race and colour, in practice it would interfere to the minimum extent with the entry of persons from the ‘old’ Commonwealth”


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