Dhoruba bin-Wahad joins us again, and for those who don’t know, he is a former member of the Black Panther Party, co-founder of the Black Liberation Army, spent 19 years incarcerated as a political prisoner and remains one of the most important political theorists and analysts of our time.

I began by asking bin-Wahad about the recent death of Herman Wallace, another Black Panther Party member and member of the Angola 3.  And in some ways similar to the end for Marilyn Buck and the fight now to get the people’s attorney Lynne Stewart home in her apparently last stages of life i wanted to ask how those interested in political struggle should see these and other cases.  And specifically should we see the release of Wallace at the end and the hopeful release of Stewart as what some have called them, “victories?”

Hear the extended and explicit remainder of this discussion here.

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  3. Okay, seriously…I love me some Dhoruba bin-Wahad! I love that you have him on your show and that you provide an open platform for substantive and in-depth discussions about matters that affect our people. Dhoruba’s point-of-view and manner in which he expresses his thoughts, opinions, and views is raw, stimulating, and awfully refreshing; it’s down-to-earth and speaks to me on such a profoundly personal level that I wish he had his own regular talk show, blog, etc. I’ve learned so much from this piece and others which featured Dhoruba’s wisdom. Please feature him in more pieces more often. Does Dhoruba have a blog, website, books, etc.? I learn a great deal from your work as well, Dr. Ball. Thank you and please keep it up. One.

    • Jared,
      You guys should put a book together. I would support a GoFundMe campaign to get the book published. We need his wisdom in book form while we still have him here. Let’s do this!

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