This new documentary from YourWorldNews.Org offers an important counter-narrative to much of what is said today about hip-hop and reminds audiences, importantly, of the variety that still exists and the depth of talent and radicalism that still inspires… liberation for some and fear in others.

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  1. This is a thoughtful and clear presentation of a neglected topic. THANK YOU for posting the video and exposing me to a world I had long left behind for some of the the reasons mentioned in the video. (I graduated high school in the 80s when rap was different.) Learning about some of these rappers has piqued my interest in the craft … again.

    (I learned about you and your site from Hard Knock Radio by the way.)

  2. This documentary was off the chain. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. walter murph

    Great documentary. Thanks to Brother Comissiong & yourself for getting this out here. Good to here from the Welfare Poets, Ive been supporters of theirs for a while. During the roll call of the unsung rappers,[unless I was sleep] nobody mentioned Aisha Sekhmet. Maybe her material is too frightening. How does Wise Intelligent stay off the roster?

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