Kwame Ture and the All African People’s Revolutionary Party w Dr. Mjiba Frehiwot

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  1. The AAPRP has never had a news paper or convened a peoples congress. The UNIA, NOI & BPP gave you a news paper. Dr. Tony Martin in his book ,Race First, detailed Garvey’s criticism of DuBois Pan African congress as a petit bourgeoisie project.

  2. Wow, this lady put it down. Great interview. My only request is hopefully all of these organizations like the AARP will one day go beyond talking and begin acting, even if in a small way. We shouldn’t be having the same discussions that we had 30-40-50-etc years ago.

    Ready for the revolution! Long Live Kwame Ture!


    1. Thank you Mari-Djata and we agree that we must move beyond where we are today!! We need organizers to help move us forward!! We welcome all organizers who are ready and willing to join the A-APRP or any other revolutionary organization!!

      1. Thanks for returning the comment and sorry for not catching it until now. One of my mentors was in the A-APRP and I have high regards for the organization and the Nkrumah and Kwame Ture for putting it together. I certainly wouldn’t mind joining, but at this moment, I have a hard enough time convincing entry-level positions paying a quarter more than the average McDonalds worker that I have enough ‘experience’ to file their papers with my Master’s degree. But if I ever get out of this crummy town that I’m trapped in full of the anti-political working poor (although we have started a corporate funded organic garden recently), I would more than like to be a part of the A-APRP and any other organization that seek to do good work our people. Thanks again.


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