Dr. Anthony Monteiro Speaks! Academic Freedom, Black Liberation and Confronting Power

Dr. Anthony Monteiro joined us to discuss his current fight against his removal from Temple University.  Beyond his own struggle Monteiro explains how his forced removal relates to broader struggles of Black liberation, academic freedom and confrontations with power. To learn more and offer your support visit the Justice for Dr. Anthony Monteiro Facebook Page.


  1. The white university/Afrikan studies programs just might be an oxymoron . Dr. Amos Wilson stated over 20 years ago that its never in the interest of imperialists & slavers to correctly educate Afrikan people .Dr. Monteiros engaged in a radical action on the white folks campus. Angola state penitentiary charged the Angola 3 with Black Pantherism, which placed them in solitary confinement for nearly 40 years. Do we really think when Monteiro addressed the crimes against the Move organization & Mumia, that Temple would let him slide? Brother Monteiro was the victim of a counter insurgency program.

  2. Dr. Anthony Monterio is One of the most intelligent men that I had the priviledge to meet. My prayer is that time stands still until he gets justice.

    Sean from Brooklyn; your comment was ignorant and disrespectful. Before you speak on something; get your facts straight. Dr. Monterio never laid down With white folks. That is the reason they fired him. Dr. Monterio is One of the greatest activists of out Generation.

  3. lay down with swine(white folks), you get up with maggots.
    we need only to work on getting our own, why not just say fuck temple.

  4. I guess what really gets me is that after Dr. Monteiro and others organized for Dr. Molefi Asante to remain as chair of the African American Studies Department, Dr. Asante in his comments about Dr. Monteiro’s situation, said nothing at all to support him. Dr. Asante never said,”it would be a great loss if Dr. Monteiro had to leave,” or “I hope something can be worked out” or “Dr. Monteiro has made many important, vital contributions to the entire Temple University community and beyond.”

    It’s very disappointing but not surprising . . . at all. 🙁

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