Participants include:  JARED BALL, PHD, editor of A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X; BABA ZAK KONDO, PHD, author of Conspiracys: Unraveling the Assassination of Malcolm X; JOHN POTASH, author of The FBI War on Tupac; JOHN JUDGE executive director of the Coalition on Political Assassinations and the Museum of Hidden History; SHAHID BUTTAR executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee; NAJI MUJAHID, UDC Student Chapter – National Lawyers Guild, moderator This forum of experts and authors will focus on the life, the politics, the domestic and international impact, and the threat of Malcolm X, who targeted him for assassination and why. It will also cover the extensive programs, like COINTELPRO and CHAOS run by government agencies from the 1950s forward to neutralize, disrupt and destroy the leadership for social change in the United States, and the role of political assassinations and surveillance in shaping the politics of America and the world to the present day.

SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: Coalition on Political Assassinations, Museum of Hidden History, National Lawyers Guild – UDC Student Chapter, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Black Law Students Association, Black Men’s Law Society, and Institute for Policy Studies/

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  1. What is Baba Zak Kondo’s thoughts RE: of the role of then NOI National Coordinating Secretary John Ali [IMO Ali held essentially the same rank as Malcolm in the NOI’s hierarchy- minus Malcolm’s visibility] in Malcolm’s assassination??? It has been reported by the late Louis Lomax [who knew Malcolm X & wrote a book on his & MLK’s assassination’s called ‘To Kill a Black Man’ – Lomax was doing further research on a more extensive expose’ when he was killed in 1970 in a car crash due to brake failure- HUMM] & also Malcolm X researcher & author Karl Evanzz that John Ali was an FBI informant who attained hi rank in the NOI & thus was part of Elijah Muhammed’s inner circle of advisers meeting w Mr Muhammed on a daily basis [unlike Malcolm]. IMO due to Mr Muhammed’s chronic heath issues, Ali along w Supreme FOI Capt Shareef [& other key NOI ministers] were effectively running the day to day OPs of the NOI. Malcolm X himself said that John Ali exacerbated tensions between him & Elijah Muhammad, & thus considered Ali as his “archenemy” within the ranks of NOI leadership. On Feb 20, 1965, on the eve of Malcolm’s assassination, Ali reportedly met with Talmadge Hayer, who was caught at the scene of the Audubon & later confessed to being one of Malcolm’s killers [also see – this article also emphasizes the role & actions of Malcolm body-guard & NYPD undercover-cop / BOSSI agent Gene Roberts re: Malcolm’s assassination].
    Thus IMO if the order to ‘hit’ Malcolm came thru John Ali, though it would have naturally been assumed, by the NOI’s rank & file FOI, to have come Mr Muhammed- if Ali was indeed a hi-ranking FBI informant it would have been just as [If NOT MORE] likely that the ‘hit’ order actually came from Gay Edgar Hoover’s &/or Sullivan’s FBI office!!!

    Also can Baba Kondo clarify which royal family member’s may have played a role in Malcolm’s death- besides of-course Mr Muhammed himself? Malcolm X in his Auto-biography, referred to his friendship w Wallace Muhammed, who he said is the one who actually first confirmed his father’s relationships w several of Mr Muhammed’s young secretaries [resulting in several out-of-wedlock births], & the strife this caused within the royal family itself. This led Malcolm ‘confronting’ Mr Muhammed re: this issue, which ultimately was a prelude to Malcolm’s ouster from the NOI.

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