Herb Boyd joined us with an update on the soon-to-be-published Diaries of Malcolm X, Liz Derias gave us her oral history of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and we paid tribute to Sam Greenlee, Elombe Brath, John Judge, Vincent Harding and more.

4 thoughts on “Malcolm X Diaries w Herb Boyd and MXGM Oral History w Liz Derias

  1. as someone who respected manning marable as a go-to guy in the 80’s through 00’s, I find it troubling that herb boyd (for whom the same could be said) so casually stated that marable’s advance for his Malcolm X opus was based on his promise to deliver the sensationalistic dirt. had celebrity changed marable himself or might literary agents have come to have advocated on his behalf in this manner? in either case, it leaves a bad taste with me with respect to 35 years of marable’s scholarship.


  2. The Republic of New Afrika claim of the 5 southern states is reminiscent of the Dutch claim of New Amsterdam,the French New Orleans, the British New England & New York. What is a “New” Afrikan anyway? Did Samora Michel, Agostinho Neto & Amilcar Cabral refer to themselves as New Afrikans? African-American, New Afrikan anything EXCEPT Afrikan. Remember the indigenous populations that roamed the 5 southern states for a millennia, what about their removal & genocide. As Afrikans our home is not the 5 southern states,our struggle & fight is for the reclamation of Afrika.


  3. I thought the idea of the Black Belt south strategy of secession was the brain child of white communist and jewish interlopers (Revolutionary history of RNA notwithstanding). I’m also not clear of how, when or what the term New Afrikan was suppose to accomplish. The most important factor is who came up with it and why? Was it self identification or semantic jargon to narrow the scope of liberation to America for interest, goals and objectives of others.


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