Today we were joined by Mwariama Kamau to commemorate the 1ooth anniversary of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.).

The Honorable International Organizer,
Mwariama Dhoruba Kamau

The Honorable Mwariama D Kamau was born and raised in the Banneker City Metropolitan Area (Washington, DC) and first introduced to the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League in 1997. By 2000, he was elected 2nd Vice President of Division #330 of the UNIA-ACL Rehabilitating Committee, appointed webmaster of the Association’s website and by 2001 Co-Founded the Marcus and Amy Garvey Work-Study Group. He served as Delegate to the 2004 International Convention of the Association and was assigned to the Elder Commemoration Committee, after which he actively began researching the lost and forgotten history of the UNIA after Marcus Garvey’s 1940 elevation.

In 2005, Mr. Kamau was elected President of the Washington Division, Co-Founded the Henrietta Vinton Davis Foundation and Co-Founded the Universal Marcus Garvey Day Tribute and Celebration. He also joined the Executive Board of the Amy Garvey Institute as Deputy Chancellor of Research. By spring 2006 he became Special Delegate to the Parent Body in laying claim to the Isaiah Morter Estate in Belize and by August earned the title International Organizer of the UNIA.

He currently serves as the UNIA’s Official Historian and retains the title International Organizer. He also serves as the Local Organizer of the Washington Division #183. Additionally, he’s a proud member of the Marcus Garvey Institute in Chicago, IL and Marcus Garvey Society in Raleigh, NC.

Mr. Kamau currently resides in Oxon Hill, MD and is a proud husband and father of three wonderful children.

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  1. Tarik Oduno

    Remember, in the heat of the battle, only those strongest, sustain themselves to move the victory of war ahead . With due appreciation of the good Dr. Dubois, others, their practices were too much influence by inner ambitions, with the resources aid of our “Traducers “. written and taught by the Hon. Carter G. Woodson. Well, how shall independant nationals of a people abort this internal counterproductive engineering, of those who conspire to defeat a ” Noble” peoples aspirations, now; and forever ? We of yester years, now and tomorrow, have a compelling duty, responsibility to engineer our path to our ultimate objectives, with or without any apologies of those within or outter enemies of a peoples nationhood on all levels required of those; who will be unfettered, by whomsoever dares to stand in the way of the right of a people to govern themselves. Lets continue our journey to the ultimate victory; for a global people.
    TARIK. ODUNO, student

  2. Mari-Djata

    I wish Mr. Kamau could have mentioned Dubois more than just the NAACP. I swear that if I ever go back to get a doctorate I’m going to write my dissertation “WEB Dubois Against the Negro World: A Garveyite Perspective on Dubois’ Attack and Attempted Usurpation of Black Self-Sufficiency Movements.”

    …tentatively titled…and probably only if I go to an HBCU…lol….

    • Nzingha Shabaka

      I agree with what you say about Dubois. He gave our leader hell. Even though I understand he later came back when he was an old man, and had already helped to destroy our leader he apologized to our leader, I do not know in what regard.

  3. Race First is the best book ever written on the history of the Garvey Movement from 1914 – 1940. I highly recommend it to all interested in the history of the movement. However, in my years as organizer for the Association, I’ve found it more practical to ask people to read one page at a time until they’ve grasped a greater appreciation for Mr. Garvey’s gospel of success. That’s why I recommended his speech Man, Know Thy Self and African Fundamentalism. Both are available on-line.

  4. Good program. The insights on Lift Every Voice and sing was instructional. I was surprised when Dr Hate asked kamau to recommend books on Garvey, no one mentioned Race First & the Pan African Connection by the acknowledged Garvey scholar, Dr Tony Martin.

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