Dhoruba bin-Wahad and Mwariama Kamau were back with us to discuss the killing of Michael Brown within the context of Black Liberation struggles, the Garvey Movement and Black August.

Click here for the Every 28 Hours report on police killings of Black people in the U.S. from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

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  1. “The killers of so many so easy to point the finger at the survivors of Hitler Holocaust type lifestyle in America” http://youtu.be/I27gBAnTQmM

  2. Jared Ball

    Michael, i dont know who you are or precisely how you are interpreting Bernays, et al and i dont know exactly what you mean by my photo method being unbelievable, but its cool to disagree with the method or anything else. And there are many crises in our world that we dont cover adequately. feel free to supplement our coverage by submitting research of your own. Our editorial team will determine its fit and perhaps run it or suggest the many more popular websites out there that might be better suited to your forthcoming work.

  3. Michael, given the content of this site id have to wonder first what is your intent by asking such a question. What is the rationale behind that question being asked here? Are you familiar with this site’s content? Did you listen to the show itself? As for the selection of the photo, i was drawn to the collective crowd and the fact that it centered women and naturals.

    • Dr. Ball,

      I am fully aware of the ideological framework of your site and have listened to literally almost every interview. For the most part, I appreciate the type of intellectually honest analysis that you provide for your listeners and students. Regarding your response to my initial question, I do not believe your photo methodology because it’s borderline political correctness and it doesn’t pass the “smell test”. It appears that you’re taking a play from Edward Bernay or John Zaller school of propaganda (in my opinion).

      Regarding the “show itself”, the information Brother Dhoruba Bin Wahad provided is always precise and definitely needed within our Black community. Particularly as it centers around the historical and current police state that Black communities have always been living under in this country. Unfortunately, under the guise of perverted multiculturalism/diversity, it has intellectually anesthetized Black America to the point that “we” spend exorbitant amount of time and resources seeking validation from a White racist system that will never view or treat you as an equal. For example, one can very easily see how Morgan State University is imploding internally due to the acceleration of multiculturalism along with neoliberalism.

      The fact remains, how can you espouse the notion of what the Black community should be doing and yet, I do not recall seeing any written critique or analysis about the crisis at Morgan State University from you or your colleagues in the School of Global Journalism and Communication

  4. I would like to know what was your rationale for selecting that photo of the light-skinned Black women for this article considering the majority of the people with their hands held up were medium brown or dark-skinned Black people? I look forward in hearing your response.

  5. PS: DN!’s Mon Aug 18 show, showed a brief shot of the so-called ‘incriminating’ video of what may be Mike Brown & his friend & key witness to his execution by KILLER Cop Darren Wilson- Dorian Johnson. It seems to show both Mike & Dorian at the store counter BUYING something, while another Black youth [NOT IDed] who’s down the isle AWAY from the counter, ‘MAY Have’ pocketed something from the rack & walked out. Indeed it seems Mike may have actually dropped the items [cigars?] that he BOUGHT at the counter, in front of the counter in full view of the shop owner, yet there was still NO confrontation!!! The 3rd youth [who may have shop-lifted something] is obviously neither Mike nor Dorian, cause Mike was 6ft-4in & weighed nearly 300lbs, while Dorian is average size but has either long dread-locks or twists / braids, while the 3rd youth is about Dorian’s size [IE: NOT 6ft-4in & 250 – 300lbs] but does NOT have long locks or braids!!! In other words Chief Jackson is trying to {ab}Use the old racist adage ‘All NIGGERS Look Alike’ to slander the Black victim’s [Mike Brown] rep, who was gunned-down by his KILLER Cop, Darren Wilson, like a mad-dog in the street!!!

  6. Some Key Facts Re Ferguson Cops mis-actions since their KILLER Cop gunned-down unarmed Mike Brown [@ http://www.alternet.org/print/civil-liberties/dumbest-police-chief-america ] Meet Tom Jackson- The Dumbest Police Chief in America: } To make one mistake is understandable but to have EVERYTHING you do be a complete f–k up is astounding!

    1. Your cop kills an unarmed Black teen in the street.
    – 2. Cop who kills the teen requests assistance but fails to inform his commanders of what happened. Instead they find out on the news like everyone else.
    – 3. The scene is left in the hands of the cop’s own colleagues who allow that [KILLER] cop to leave the scene of the crime. His vehicle is also allowed to leave the scene – breaking the integrity of the chain of evidence.
    – 4. Victim is left lying in the road for 4 hrs – inflaming the community & presumably destroying evidence.
    – 5. Witnesses say that the killer cop never bothered to check for a pulse once his victim went down. None of the other cops arriving on the scene checked for a pulse. Bystanders in the medical field were not allowed to attempt CPR.
    – 6. Rumor has it that the cellphones of possible witnesses were confiscated.
    – 7. You cops launch campaign to protect their / your KILLER cop at all costs – including the destruction of the community of Ferguson.
    – 8. Your cops then launch a full military invasion of the traumatized town of Ferguson.
    – 9. Your cops caught on international TV screaming “Bring it! Bring it on you fucking animals!”
    – 10. The response to a community protesting police brutality is the imposition of ‘martial law’ complete with authoritarianism, tear gas, rubber bullets, flash grenades and sound grenades.
    – 11. Your cops throw the Constitution out the window & arrest, assault & teargas journalists.
    – 12. Your cops arrest a well-known public figure for the “crime” of “failing to listen”.
    – 13. You as the Chief of Police then praise your cops for showing incredible restraint [Huhh! WTF!].
    – 14. After days of shocking behavior that caught the attention of the world, you finally release your Killer Cop’s name – while concurrently launching a smear campaign against his victim. This decision to reignite the fuse of the powder keg is not run up the chain of command – despite pledges from the Governor that there is a new Sheriff in town.
    – 15. You as Chief of Police specifically say that you are not interested in talking to the community that your cops have been victimizing.
    – 16. You as Chief of Police hold multiple press conferences where you contradict yourself repeatedly.
    – 17. You as Chief of Police makes statement PRAISING your Killer Cop while concurrently smearing the dead teen-aged victim at the center of the nation’s outrage: “He was a gentle, quiet man,” Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Friday, referring to Wilson. “He was a distinguished officer. He was a gentleman. … He is, he has been, an excellent officer.”

    Police Chief Thomas Jackson, you have got to be the STUPIDEST MORON on the face of the planet! To call you “stupid” is in fact an insult to stupid people! I hold you 100% responsible for every bit of this national tragedy… { ‘

    But the point this author misses is that, as Brother Quino Swan says- ‘It’s white-supremacy, it don’t even have to make sense.’ The main purpose of white-supremacy ain’tt about ‘making sense’, it’s about enforcing & perpetuating white-supremacy!

  7. ‘Communist-Socialist’ web-site WSWS Waffles of the Race Issue yet again,- Their same ole ‘tired’ it’s all about class & NOT about race [phony] argument:

    2 of my biggest issues w white Marxist-Leninists / Communists-Socialists [beside their pushing atheism]- is their most of them are vocally adverse to Black Nationalism / Pan-Africanism & also to really curious positions re race vis-a-vis class.

    WSWS did a report on the shooting of unarmed Black youth Michael Brown- yet curiously FAILED to even mention in the entire article that Brown was in fact Black in a mainly Black suburb of St Louis, & the cop was almost certainly white as is most of the town’s police-force. The WSWS article then made the bogus claim that Brown’s shooting at the hands of that white cop is all about class [technically it could be argued that the cop & his victim are both in the same class]- as it critiqued the usual suspect publicity seekers [some say race-pimps] Revs Al [the snitch] & Jesse- hyped as the newly ‘crowned’ post 1960s – 70s Black leaders by the lame-stream [set-up as ‘Straw{black}Men’ ] just to be castigated by the likes of both FOX Noise & WSWS.

    Curiously WSWS fails to see that when it comes to rank & file Blacks in the USA, the issue of both Race & class is closely & inextricably intertwined. I wonder why? And this is not new- it’s been the Marxist-Leninist camp’s position since at-least the Garvey era.

    • Correction: The above 1st Paragraph should read: } 2 of my biggest issues w white Marxist-Leninists / Communists-Socialists [beside their pushing atheism]- is most of them are quite adverse to Black Nationalism / Pan-Africanism & also to their really curious positions re race vis-a-vis class…. {

      Are those white Ferguson cops trying to set the Black MO State Trooper Capt.Up for the Fall: On Sat I saw a CNN report on the on-going Ferguson protestsn vs those storm-trooper KILLER cop(s). On Fri night about mid-night a few ‘looters’ [IE: NOT legit protesters] broke into a store owned by Arabs, as Ferguson’s ‘finest’ stood across the street looking on. When the CNN reporters asked those cops why they failed to stop the looters, their response was- ‘w the new guy’s [IE: the Black MO St. trooper Capt] shift in policy & tactics [reigning in the gestapo / storm-troopers] they were ‘confused’ if they should stop looting or not’ [that’s just BS!!!].
      IMO these cracker cops are just trying to make the Brother look bad, plus they really don’t care if ‘Mahmoud’s’ store is looted [we know these crackers have almost as much disdain for Arabs as they do for Blacks & think they’re all Al Qaeda ‘sympathizers’ &/or ‘terrorists’ anyway]. These jokers know damn well they’re not supposed to stand-by & let a store get looted [Hey- wouldn’t surprise me if those cops actually put the word out that – that Arab store would be an easy make]! They know damn well they’re supposed to disperse looters or if necessary arrest them- without KILLING them or beating them half to death! IMO Bro is gonna have to check these joker cops, even if it means putting Ferguson’s whole Dept on indefinite leave of absence.

  8. I’m a long time supporter of Brother Wahad, I disagree with his remedies for police violence. Dhoruba stated that referendums ( meaning a vote by the electorate ) to reform the police & citizen control of the police is the solution. We know that you don’t reform imperialism or its military arm. Isn’t the police a paramilitary organization? Imperialism must be destroyed.Afrikans voting for referendums isn’t the answer. Furthermore, the corporate oligarchs that control the planet would never cede “community control” of the police to colonized Afrikans within amerika. The Welfare Poets said it best “We didn’t vote our way into this shit & we can’t vote our way out”

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