Communicating Liberation: A Talk with I Mix What I like’s Jared A. Ball by Vitamin D

August 25, 2014 Jared Ball 0 Comments

In this first dose recorded earlier in the year, Vitamin D sat down with Media and Communication theorist, political activist and radio DJ Dr. Jared A. Ball from the I Mix What I Like podcast. Dr. Ball was gracious enough to tell us about his personal journey of politicization, his subsequent projects attempting to apply his knowledge and expertise within media to anti-colonial and freedom movements in the United States, and the nature and severity of the obstacles he has faced, and still is facing, within the established media power structure. Along the way we touched on the political and pedagogical legacies of the recently deceased Amiri Baraka and Stuart Hall, the concept of emancipatory journalism, and pondered whether ‘Media’ in general can be decolonized in 2014.

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