We were joined this week by sociologist Dr. Darryl Brice to discuss the marginalization of Black academics and then by Asantewa Nkrumah Ture and Bruce Dixon (Managing Editor of BlackAgendaReport.com) for a discussion of an upcoming rally to protest the support of war, militarizing the police and Israeli apartheid by the Congressional Black Caucus.  We also paid tribute to Common and his recently passed father Lonnie Lynn.


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  1. Doris Beatty

    Please Mr. Bell let the guests speak! You ask questions and the guests never get a chance to respond. When you invite someone on the show I would think its because you want them to share a P.O.V. Just saying.

    • Jared Ball

      Thanks for listening Doris. At least i listen to them enough to know their names and appropriate titles. You’d give me that much right? lol

      Dr. Ball

      • Doris Beatty

        I am ever so sorry for making such an error. It was by no means meant to slight you in any way Dr. Ball. The error was from my head and not my heart. Love you show, keep up the good work.

  2. Speaking of Amos Wilson I remember him also saying something about multiculturalism and involving yourself in other peoples struggles. The issue needs to have a direct reasoning and defined objectives, otherwise your just using the African immigrant situation as one sided solidarity bait. Ask yourself if your time could be better spent advocating for Haitian immgration and the removal of the UN from Haiti. Child abduction and sexual abuse in Haiti are at a fever pitch right now. If you must look for every non-black struggle to thrall yourself to, atleast follow “airplane rules” and secure yourself first and then help the other person next to you.

  3. Thanks Dedan.

  4. Dr Amos Wilson, to me was the best so called “scholar activist” in the game. Brother Wilson was way ahead of the curve. His body of work & commitment as a scholar radical might be unparalleled. Why trip over the cbc? What can you expect from negros who swear an oath of allegiance to imperialism ( amerika ). The cbc witnessed Cynthia Mckinney gerrymandered from her gig . Why are we outraged when the cbc votes to uphold zionism , these congress members are political careerists. Pull my coat if I’m wrong , did Garvey push for Afrikans to run for political office? Organizing a rally against the cbc is reactionary & counterproductive. When do we get a rally to radicalize Afrikan youth?

  5. Dedan Sankara

    Jared – As always another excellent show!

  6. Thanks Joe, and yes, you can download the shows via soundcloud .. soundcloud.com/imixwhatilike or just click the soundcloud link above. if there are any shows there that are not set for downloads just let me know and ill fix that.

  7. Great show as usual. Don’t know if my browser, but are the shows no longer downloadable?

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