Kali Akuno and Operation Ghetto Storm

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  1. Due to ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon’s declaration of the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ & ‘Crime’, the US prison population has exploded by at-least 7Xs since 1980. Thru the 1970s up-to about 1980 at-least 60% of US prisoners were white men. Now nearly 50% of US prisoners are Black men & women & about 20% – 25% are Hispanic. White men & women are now barely 30% [to at most 35%] of US prisoners.

    Yet even by FBI stats [& the FBI certainly is NO friend / ally of Black & Brown folks- despite Obama & AG Holder]- whites commit 69% of all serious crime in the US IE: total numbers of homicides committed by whites is nearly the same as by Blacks- Except for DUI Vehicular HOMICIDES where white Drunk Drivers KILL +7Xs MORE Folks than Blacks do [FYI: ‘curiously’ the FBI keeps stats on DUI arrests but NOT directly for DUI vehicular homicides- even though {mainly white} drunk drivers KILL more folks ea yr than are murdered by guns]
    RE: The current ‘hot topics’ of rape & domestic violence- for which Black pro & college foot-ball players are now being scape-goated as the ‘poster child’ for [see Ishmael Reed’s recent piece re: white lame-stream media & ‘feminists’ hypocrisy on this topic @ CounterPunch- which the ‘liberal’ ‘Nation’ rejected]- by FBI stats nearly 2/3s are committed by white men. In fact white men kill nearly TWICE as many white women as Black men kill Black women!! Whites also commit nearly 3/4s of other types of serious sex-offenses.[IE: typical illicit sex scandals w underage students- the offenders are white-women teachers].

    But it’s drugs is where the racial disparities is even more blatant if one takes a serious look [which most whites don’t]. The phony ‘war on drugs’ has been the main tool of mass Black incarceration & fuels drug turf wars in the Hood & Barrio, which along w the systematic gutting of the US’ industrial economic base [leading to systemic unemployment] is likely the main factor for the surge in fratricidal violence in places like Chicago & Baltimore, etc [NO-One ever explains from where & just how all those guns & drugs got to the ‘Hood’ – ala Gary Webb’s story in ‘Kill the Messenger’ -But- Bill Duke’s 1992 film ‘Deep Cover’ starring Lawrence Fishburn told the same story 4 yrs prior to Webb’s expose’].
    According to FBI stats whites commit 2.3Xs more drug offenses than Blacks- but actually it’s worse than that. Whites abuse ALL Drugs [both illegal & ‘legal’] more often than Blacks do- Except for Crack- which 5% of Blacks use crack vs 3.5% of whites. So because whites out number Blacks by 5Xs in the US, simple number crunching says there should be 3.5Xs more whites in jail for crack beefs than Blacks; But it’s the exact opposite [+3Xs more Blacks in jail than whites for crack beefs].
    And Blacks & whites abuse heroin at the same rate. Ishmael Reed also wrote a recent piece about why the lame-stream was ‘shocked’ that so many {even ‘middle-class’} whites are ‘H’ addicts. Yet I’ve personally witnessed whites from affluent suburbs west of Chicago drive to the ‘hood’ on Chicago’s west side & ‘cop’ from Home-boy- Including even white-women all by their lonesome driving Toyota & Subaru station-wagons.
    Never-the-less ‘HRW Watch’ did a 2009 study showing that in the US Blacks are locked up for drug beefs 7X – 10Xs more often than whites are.,Tellingly this holds even in states where Blacks are barely 1% of those states population [IE: HI, UT, NH, N&S Dakotas, etc]. In NONE [0] of the 35 states that HWR reported on was there a 1 to 1 ratio for Black & white drug incarceration rates [let alone where the white rate actually exceeded the Black rate]. The closest to parity was 3 to 1 excess of Black incarceration in Al & ND. In IL the difference was 23 to 1- yet I know for fa fact whites in Chicago did a bunch of dope when I went to college w them, & 2 – 3 decades later they’re still coming to the ‘hood’ on Chicago’s west-side to ‘cop’.

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