A History of the 6th Pan-African Congress w Mama Irene and Dr. Sylvia Hill

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  1. Great interview! This was a real treat. Love the women’s view of Pan-African organizing. history. Once again, the idea that African people around the world refuse to identify with each other or to see a commonness of heritage and struggle has been exposed as the political farce it is. I’m also happy that COINTELPRO got discussed a little.

    Two requests:

    1. Can you put up the Dr. Leevy interview (I cannot find it)?
    2. Can you please have Mama Irene back to talk about the rise and fall of U Street Black businesses (if she is knowledgeable on the topic)? Or have some kind of focus on the economic side of Black nationalism or any Pan-Africanist business owners on to talk about their successes and failures as politically conscious business owners?


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