We paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of the 6th Pan-African Congress, the first to take place on the continent itself, with two of that conferences leading organizers, Dr. Sylvia Hill and Mama Irene T. Whalen.    We discussed with them the history of all the pan-African congresses, some of the behind the scenes ideological and gender struggles and the importance of African unity.



  1. Great interview! This was a real treat. Love the women’s view of Pan-African organizing. history. Once again, the idea that African people around the world refuse to identify with each other or to see a commonness of heritage and struggle has been exposed as the political farce it is. I’m also happy that COINTELPRO got discussed a little.

    Two requests:

    1. Can you put up the Dr. Leevy interview (I cannot find it)?
    2. Can you please have Mama Irene back to talk about the rise and fall of U Street Black businesses (if she is knowledgeable on the topic)? Or have some kind of focus on the economic side of Black nationalism or any Pan-Africanist business owners on to talk about their successes and failures as politically conscious business owners?


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