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Operation Ghetto Storm Author Arlene Eisen


Arlene Eisen, the researcher and author behind the Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of Black People, joined us clarify some of the late, loud and wrong media coverage/critique of her work.  We spoke with her about press coverage and some of the more popular criticism of the report which often include dismissals based on “armed versus unarmed” victims and then critiques of the report’s focus being the police and the state rather than so-called “Black on Black violence.”  Ultimately, as Eisen makes clear, much of the criticism of the report is based on its being the first systematic study of police killings of Black people and that it is people in the street, the protesters, activists and movement-builders who make routine use of and reference to the report.  You can also read some of her previously published response to reactions to her report since being initially published in 2012 and see the updated version, which includes her chart on the “Impunity in the Judicial System for Extrajudicial Killers” at operationghettostorm.org.

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